White Memorial Medical Center Case Study

White Memorial Medical Center Made All the Right Moves

The Radiology Services team knew that advancements in digital radiography represented a significant re-birth of x-ray as a diagnostic modality.

The cesium detectors in Fujifilm’s FDR Go DR system helped the hospital achieve dose reductions of more than 50% over computed radiography techniques with equivalent or improved image quality

DR can now be used for chest imaging, replacing CT and delivering higher image quality.

The hospital also realized that great technology is not enough:

  • The hospital also realized that great technology is not enough:
  • Standardized protocols were developed and customized to each device.

Technologists underwent an educational program to refine their understanding of the principles of dose-limiting imaging.

White Memorial Medical Center set dosage reduction as a hospital wide goal. That mindset got results.

The hospital achieved regulatory compliance, patient safety and patient satisfaction. Radiologists were more engaged with the hospital’s medical staff.

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