Dynamic Visualization processing tools produce high quality images that aid diagnosis and boost productivity. Optimal first-up display virtually eliminates any need for post processing image adjustments, providing exceptional image quality automatically. Wide dynamic range adaptability and breadth of exam menus help to reduce retakes.

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Delivering a refined image processing experience

Fujifilm’s Dynamic Visualization image processing automatically recognizes the region of interest and applies the optimum image processing parameters throughout the entire exposure field producing exceptional images with higher window and leveling content for faster, more accurate diagnosis.

Additional advanced functions include:

Dynamic Visualization™ II

Our latest evolution in image processing. Dynamic Visualization II* processing uses advanced auto recognition of bone, anatomy characteristics, and orthopedic hardware. This image processing software intelligently adapts image contrast and density, based on image, thickness and structural recognition. It improves uniformity in both dense and thin regions for challenging images, for large anatomy and patients, or any low dose or low penetration exams.

(upgrade option for FDX Console desktop and mobile workstations, included standard with FDR AQRO)

Multi-Frequency Processing (MFP)

Applies edge enhancement and gray scale processing to multiple frequencies, improving visibility for varying densities and foreign structures. Useful in viewing spine, skull and orthopedic hardware images

Flexible Noise Control (FNC)

Selectively suppresses noise without loss of sharpness. Useful for pediatrics, lumbar spine and abdomen views

Grid Pattern Removal (GPR)

Intelligently removes moiré patterns caused by grids

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*Requires FDX Console v11 or higher.