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Secure, adaptable cloud infrastructure for the modern hyperscaling age.

Fujifilm’s Synapse® Cloud Services is your trusted partner for secure, cloud-based imaging software. Since 2005, Fujifilm’s dedicated team of IT specialists have worked with enterprises like yours to bring its comprehensive suite of Synapse solutions into the secure cloud environment. Dedicated informatics experts can work with you to identify the right private, public, or adaptable hybrid cloud-based delivery model for your enterprise based on your unique challenges, needs, goals, and budget.

Synapse Cloud Services Features

Full end-to-end security framework

Dedicated Support

Dedicated team of Fujifilm and IT-certified professionals

Cost Effective

Cost effective alternative to on-premise initiatives

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA-compliant architecture


Security-first Cloud Architecture for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare enterprises are curating, receiving, and storing more patient data than ever before. As a result, enterprises need a solution that’s tailor-made to achieve their specific data storage and security needs while alleviating associated costs and inefficiencies. Synapse Cloud Services is that solution.

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Your trusted partner for secure medical data storage

Discover how Fujifilm’s Synapse Cloud Services seamlessly hosts, archives, and protects enterprise imaging data.


Optimize your environment with cloud-supported Synapse software.

3D Advanced Visualization
Artificial Intelligence


Fujifilm’s enterprise PACS Synapse 7x supports cloud-based and on-premise hosting and unites Synapse 3D with the award-winning Synapse Radiology PACS, Cardiology PACS, and VNA on one universal diagnostic viewer. Synapse 7x also puts dozens of AI applications at your fingertips and facilitates comprehensive data mining and analysis.

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Synapse VNA’s award-winning image archive supports cloud-based and on-premise hosting to provide access, control, and management of clinical content from across the enterprise. The solution also supports encounters-based workflows by automating content ingestion, associating it with the patient record, and immediately making it available to those who need it.

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3D Advanced Visualization

Put powerful, server-based advanced visualization applications at your fingertips. Native within Synapse 7x, Synapse 3D performs state-of-the-art image analyses via cloud-based and on-premise hosting that assist with interpretation, reporting, and treatment planning, while supporting clinical collaboration across the enterprise.

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Synapse Analytics features a cloud-based data mining extraction engine that unifies business intelligence and imaging informatics through one central point.  This secure and customizable technology provides current and predictive views, tracking trends in procedure volume, patient population analysis, lab operation efficiency, profitability, diagnostic accuracy, and more.

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Artificial Intelligence Platform

The complexity of new imaging advancements has triggered the need for an AI co-pilot; one that can help take on some of the overwhelming imaging demands placed on diagnostic professionals. Using extensive machine learning algorithms from Fujifilm, vendor partners, and academic research institutions, the Synapse AI platform brings unprecedented AI insights directly within the 7x workflow and supports cloud-based or on-premise hosting.

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