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Veterinary practices can benefit from the exceptional image quality, speed, and reliability of a digital x-ray system. Fujifilm has a complete offering of CR and DR veterinary imaging equipment built with your practice in mind.

Fujifilm, the inventor of computed radiography (CR) technology, has more experience in optimizing images for display than any other digital x-ray manufacturer in the industry. We’re happy to apply our expertise to the needs of veterinary medicine. High resolution capabilities at low dose and with fewer retakes means faster, safer, more valuable exams. Our DR solutions are for practices that don’t want to compromise between high speed, low dose, and brilliant images. Digital x-ray also reduces operating costs and improves workflow efficiencies.

Our DR image acquisition solutions deliver the quality demanded by the medical industry while being highly applicable to veterinary applications. These include the FDR Cross, the first-of-its-kind hybrid c-arm portable x-ray unit, , FDR ES, a DR detector built for durability and reliable image quality, and FDR-flex, a simple yet powerful field solution to name a few. Learn more about our veterinary solutions below or contact us for more information.


FDR-Flex at Henry Vilas Zoo

Mike Petersen, VMD

Henry Vilas Zoo

FDR-Flex at Miller & Associates in Brewster, NY

Miller & Associates

Brewster, NY

Nat Geo Wild’s Yukon Vet episode showing the Fujifilm FDR-flex in action.

Dr. Oakley

Yukon Vet
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