VXR Veterinary X-Ray Room

Smart veterinary imaging solutions


VXR is a complete all-in-one veterinary digital x-ray solution, designed with both ease of installation and ease of use in mind, all while generating brilliant images at the low dose users expect from Fujifilm.

Fujifilm’s VXR is dedicated to combining affordability and efficiency without sacrificing performance. Staff and patients benefit from quick, convenient workflow, lower dose requirements, and automated, optimized image visualization.

Features & Accessories

  • Convenient detector tray rotation, speeds workflow and minimizes risks associated with detector handling, while maximizing 14×17” detector coverage.
  • The four-way floating tabletop adds additional positioning flexibility without disrupting the patient.
  • Built-in detector connections speed image preview and maintain power to the digital radiography detector for continuous, uninterrupted system use and keeping it charged for on-demand tabletop or free detector imaging.
  • The on-board FDX Console PLUS workstation provides easy exam navigation through its 19” touchscreen mounted on an articulating arm at eye level for patient-side accessibility.
  • FDX Console PLUS generator integration allows optimal low-dose technique automation based on exam menu selection. Settings can always be manually fine-tuned to adjust for the patient’s specific size if needed.
  • Contribute to a safe work environment for your staff with advanced low dose detector and image processing technologies.
  • FDR ES panels leverage Fujifilm’s patented ISS technology, capturing clearer images at lower dose than conventional DR detectors.
  • Advanced image processing offers multiple ways to optimize images while contributing to ALARA dose initiatives. Standard Dynamic Visualization provides exceptional first-up images with outstanding detail throughout the entire field of view.
  • Compression belt
  • Additional flat panel detectors
  • DR detector accessories including wireless, grid caps, and holders
  • Advanced processing software
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