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μTASWako® i30

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Automated Platform Microfluidic-based Clinical Immunoanalyzer

The μTASWako i30 is a commercially available microfluidic-based clinical immunoanalyzer for in vitro diagnostic use in the United States and Canada. The microfluidic technology minimizes instrument hands-on time while maximizing efficiency through integration and automation of clinical laboratory processes. Currently FUJIFILM Wako is offering AFP-L3 and DCP tests on the μTASWako i30.

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  • Nine minutes to first result, two minutes per subsequent result
  • Throughput: 25 results per hour
  • Superb analytical sensitivity
  • Accurate and precise performance
  • Up to six analyte measurements per sample
  • Random assay selection per sample
  • Short setup time – 10 minutesTwo-hour walk away time
  • Automated calibration and quality control
  • STAT capability
  • LIS integration capability
  • RFID tag enabled reagent tracking
  • Ready to use reagents
  • Intuitive touch panel operation
  • On-board refrigerated reagents
  • Easy access to consumables and waste
  • Minimal routine maintenance

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