Fujifilm’s Dual Energy Subtraction (DES) is an advanced radiographic application that can improve diagnostic efficiencies and outcomes by eliminating anatomical structures that might otherwise obscure pathology.

Fujifilm FDR Visionary Suite‘s DES is designed to facilitate physician interpretation of an exam by delivering three different images for a single view: A standard image, a soft tissue image with bone information removed, and a bone image with soft tissue information removed. These three presentations can provide improved diagnostic efficiencies by eliminating anatomical structures that might be superimposed over pathology.

FDR Visionary Suite’s DES delivers enhanced diagnostic detail, making it an innovative new standard of care for routine chest exams in today’s changing healthcare environment. It may also be used as a follow-up tool or as an alternative to other imaging methods.

Fujifilm furthers DES effectiveness with these differentiating features:

  • Multi-Stage Registration (MSR): Through intelligent, multi-frequency morphological processing, MSR suppresses patient motion artifacts that are common in dual-exposure energy subtraction.
  • Patient Thickness Compensation: Improves subtracted image quality by automatically adjusting DES parameters based on patient thickness.
  • Advanced Noise Reduction: Selectively suppresses image noise without compromising image sharpness.

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