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Until there is a cure, early detection is critical to breast cancer survival.

According to the National Cancer Institute, one in eight women may be diagnosed with breast cancer at some time during their life1. Women whose breast cancer is detected at an early stage have on average a 90% survival rate in the first five years2.

The key is to find the disease early so treatment can start earlier.

At Fujifilm, we know that mammograms don’t work if women don’t get them; that is why we are dedicated to providing a noticeably more comfortable mammogram3 equipped with the latest advancements in imaging, including digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT).

Better diagnostic confidence, better patient care

Image quality is critical to detecting tumors, especially small ones at the early stage. The addition of DBT adds even higher diagnostic capabilities to help physicians diagnose cancers earlier for better patient outcomes, while striving to keep radiation dose as low as possible.

In an effort to improve the patient experience, the system also includes an exclusive ‘Comfort Paddle’ designed to conform to the natural shape of the breast, reducing pressure at the chest wall side with the goal of ensuring the most even and adequate compression so women come back time and time again for this much-needed exam.

A comprehensive portfolio of Women's Imaging solutions

Tour Showcase

Aspire to be Fearless Mammo Coach Tour

In an effort to promote women’s health, we are traveling across the 48 contiguous U.S. states in our ‘Aspire to Be Fearless’ mobile mammography coach, which is outfitted with the ASPIRE Cristalle 3D mammography system and a Bellus II mammography workstation.

Our coach hosts educational opportunities for clinicians, raises awareness about the importance of screening, and seeks clinical partners to provide mammograms to underserved populations in key locations.

We are committed to improving women’s health by improving access to breast health education and mammography screening services for every woman who needs it.

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On Demand CE-accredited Webinars

Fujifilm is committed to supporting technologists with continuing education offerings. Select from multiple webinar options to view and acquire CE credits.

Mammography System Evaluations – A Physicist Weighs In

This webinar will provide the audience with a unique perspective, that of a Medical Physicist, when evaluating and considering mammography systems from four different vendors. Discussion topics include elements to consider for a reliable mammography system, understanding the technology and system testing differences between each vendor, and the importance of an efficient QC testing process upon installation.

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Implementing a Contrast-Enhanced Mammography Program

In this Expert Forum, Dr. Matthew Covington shares his understanding of the benefits and limitations of contrast-enhanced mammography, as compared to contrast-enhanced breast MRI, and how this imaging technique can be incorporated into clinical practice.


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Synthetic 2D Mammography: The Roadmap for Interpreting Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Dr. Laurie Fajardo will share her understanding of the benefits of synthetic 2D images with digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) for diagnosing breast cancer along with considerations for implementing Synthetic 2D breast imaging protocols into your practice.


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“This is our second ASPIRE Cristalle at my facility. We love it and prefer to use it over our other room with another vendor. It is so easy to use, and we receive positive patient (…)

Sharon Delgado

Beaver Medical Group – Optum

Nashville General Hospital recently decided to upgrade their mammography system to 3D. After a thorough assessment of vendors and a comprehensive evaluation of the advantages they offer, the hospital settled on Fujifilm’s ASPIRE Cristalle 3D (…)

The Mammography Department

Nashville General Hospital

Nashville General Hospital invested in Fujifilm’s ASPIRE Cristalle 3D mammography system for their community, much to the delight of their patient base. Existing patients have noticed a huge improvement in comfort and quickness, and no (…)

Nashville General Hospital

Nashville, TN

Nashville General Hospital aimed to enhance their mammography and CT systems to remain competitive against larger local medical facilities. Throughout the selection process, Fujifilm stood out as the right fit.

Nashville General Hospital

Nashville, TN

“I am so excited to be using the Fujifilm Cristalle at Banner Imaging. It is easy to use, fast, and the images are beautiful. My patients love the Comfort Paddles and the new Comfort Comp feature! (…)

Dawn Lind

Banner Imaging Arcadia

“I love the ASPIRE Cristalle! The system’s appearance is so nice and appealing and helps to put our patients at ease before their exams.” I think it’s the best-looking system out there” ~Rachel Greene

Rachel Greene

Coosa Valley Medical Center

“Our patients are very excited to have 3D as an option now at Harlan County Health System with our new Aspire Cristalle. The comfort paddle is amazing! We feel like we are getting much better (…)

Brittany Reeg & Amy Bunch

Harlan County Health System

Women’s Imaging and Intervention in Portland, Oregon has a reputation for always putting the patient first. They continuously have a 3 month wait list for mammogram appointments, and that is without doing any advertising. Dr. (…)

Women’s Imaging & Intervention

Portland, OR

The ASPIRE Cristalle mammography system with DBT represents a major breakthrough in breast cancer screening technology at Northern Radiology Associates in Watertown, NY. Dr. Dean Phillips, DO discusses how the practice has benefited from the (…)

Northern Radiology Associates

Watertown, NY

In an underserved community in Los Angeles, Adventist Health White Memorial discusses using quality technology such as the ASPIRE Cristalle with digital breast tomosynthesis and community outreach to motivate women to comply with annual mammography (…)

Adventist Health White Memorial

Los Angeles, CA

Meet the Team

Meet our Women’s Health Team, a dedicated group of professionals fueled by an unwavering passion for improving women’s well-being. At the core of our mission is the commitment to providing cutting-edge mammography equipment to empower healthcare providers with the tools they need to conduct screenings, fostering a collective effort to reduce the risk of breast cancer and promote women’s health.

Stephanie Fogel, Women’s Health Regional Director – Midwest
Christine Murray, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Tammy Handley, Senior Project Manager
Marie Paroz and Kellen Gill, Clinical Consultants
Melanie Niedringhaus, Product Manager
Vince McInnis, Product Support Specialist
Trish Gifford, Sr. Clinical Consultant

“As a survivor involved in women’s health for Fujifilm, my passion comes from being confident that our premium products will provide patients like me with a better chance for a positive outcome.”

Stephanie Fogel, Women’s Health Regional Director-Midwest

“What I love most about being a part of Fujifilm’s Women’s Health team is the knowledge, experience and passion that everyone brings to the table every day. We are committed to providing our customers and their patients, with the best technology available.”

Christine Murray, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Mammography has been my way to make a difference in the lives of the people around me.  Helping give people more time with the ones they love makes me feel like a super hero.”

Tammy Handley, Senior Project Manager

Listen to Tammy’s interview with Adam Walker, Host with the Real Pink Podcast, about her journey as a survivor here.

“The biggest challenge in the early detection of breast cancer is encouraging women to have regular screening mammograms. In addition to exceptional image quality, the ASPIRE Cristalle has specific features to enhance patient comfort and alleviate fears. Being a Clinical Consultant for Fujifilm is so fulfilling as their passion for women’s health matches our own.”

Marie Paroz and Kellen Gill, Clinical Consultants

“I love being a part of a team that brings 100% everyday, all the time. We are laser-focused on providing our customers with the best breast imaging solutions. Because early detection is key to finding cancer – and this requires women getting their annual mammogram.  Women should be afraid of getting cancer, not the mammogram.”

Melanie Niedringhaus, Product Manager

“I enjoy solving complex problems in an environment that is challenging and has a tangible impact on the world. Servicing Digital Breast Imaging Systems is both complex and challenging and is a critical aspect of early cancer detection which is vital in the fight against breast cancer – and I’m glad I have the opportunity to be a small part of that fight.”

Vince McInnis, Product Support Specialist

“I am proud of the relationships that Fujifilm has built with facilities that are working hard to remove barriers that prevent women from accessing mammography services.”

Trish Gifford, Sr. Clinical Consultant

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