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A quick install and happy, comfortable patients: Northpoint Health and Wellness Center details its experience with ASPIRE Cristalle

At Minnesota’s Northpoint Health and Wellness Center, Lisa Quamme, Northpoint’s breast health coordinator and senior radiology technologist, explains the community and health benefits of installing Fujifilm’s ASPIRE Cristalle system in the facility.

With an under-insured patient population that has an average income below 200% of the poverty level, Northpoint Health and Wellness Center is a staple in the community, providing valuable health services. With many walk-in appointments, the ASPIRE Cristalle has helped the clinic with fast patient throughput and more comfortable experiences.

“The image quality is excellent, the technology is very easy to use, and the patients really like the speed as well as the comfort. They like that they can get in and out in just a few minutes… [The ASPIRE Cristalle with DBT] makes me more confident as a radiologist. I’m confident that I’m providing the best diagnostic capabilities and the best technology people in this area can get.” -– Dean R. Ball, D.O., Founder, Tiffany Breast Care Center

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