Synapse 3D: Coping with COVID-19 Under the Tuscan Sun

Synapse 3D: Coping with COVID-19 Under the Tuscan Sun

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck beautiful Italy in late February 2020, no region was spared. The country’s outbreak started with three cases, and within five days there were 283—including in[...]

How VNA’s Connect the Full Patient Picture

Almost every clinical practitioner, regardless of his or her specialty, uses images to care for patients. And while radiology and cardiology still generate the majority of all clinical imaging volumes,[...]

What are User-Access Audits & How Do They Help Keep Your Systems Safe?

While vulnerable passwords typically receive the bulk of media coverage, an equally serious system threat may already be stalking the halls of your organization. Company employees and the systems they[...]

Preparing for Tomorrow’s PACS Today

I spent the first part of my career as a radiologic technologist, and the last 23 years in the commercial diagnostic imaging industry – most recently as an enterprising imaging[...]