Synapse OBGYN Select

To support healthcare’s evolution from volume to value-based care models, obstetricians and gynecologists (OBGYNs) need seamless access to insightful and actionable data. This distinct specialty requires a solution that is tailored made for them; one that automates structured reporting, streamlines communications, and identifies the key value indicators that drive better patient outcomes. Synapse OBGYN Select (VidiStar) is that solution.


Synapse OBGYN Select enables obstetricians and gynecologists to create value-based reports leveraging a cloud-based image management and analytics platform for improved communication across the healthcare organization.

As our clients move towards value-based care, we will help them navigate the transition successfully with:

  • Cloud-based solutions that efficiently deploy and adopt technology across complex and diverse organizations
  • Structured reporting that standardizes and improves the quality of clinical reports and streamlines communication while reducing errors and decreasing turn-around time
  • Advanced analytics and data mining that identifies key value drivers and improves decision making


Synapse OBGYN Select provides complete functionality for physician viewing needs.

  • Multimodality viewing and reporting capabilities for all OB/GYN or MFM modalities
  • OB Ultrasound and OBGYN 4D Ultrasound

Sophisticated reporting modules ensure compliance with standards and accreditation requirements

  • Automatic population of measurements and calculations into reports speeds reporting and reduces errors
  • Templates for First Trimester, Fetal Echo, Consultation
  • Trending for fetal growth
  • Support for multiple fetuses including fetal position diagrams
  • Clinical findings exceeding critical thresholds are monitored and alert caregivers to findings
  • Simple point and click reporting
  • Structured reports ensure completeness of data and compliance with organizational and accreditation standards

Access is easily facilitated through a variety of mechanisms

  • Cloud based architecture enables access over the internet
  • Access images with mobile devices, tablets and laptops
  • Bidirectional integration with the EMR enables sharing patient images and reports
  • Referring physicians can access results through the physician portal

Advanced analytics provides insights at multiple levels

  • Comprehensive analysis of patients, populations, staff and quality measures all displayed and are sharable through dashboards and reports
  • Highly intuitive nested filtering enables specific filtering on reported fields
  • Dashboards and reports can be scheduled for distributed to designated individuals

Flexible payment options ensure your business needs are met financially

  • Easy deployment through Fujifilm hosted cloud services, SaaS business models
  • Unlimited users reduces licensing challenges
  • Scalable, secure and tailored to fit your IT infrastructure requirements
  • Minimize revenue cycles with complete reports and reduced denials
  • Gain deeper insights into the business through advanced analytics
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