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Our primary focus: improving patient outcomes

Each patient’s expectations for care, for treatment, and for greater longevity are increasing exponentially. As we live longer, our healthcare industry is taking on more and more responsibility for improving lives.

FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation is dedicated to advancing the ability of healthcare providers to deliver optimal care, ultimately improving patient outcomes. Our healthcare legacy dates back to our founding with the manufacture of X-ray films in 1936. Today, our healthcare offerings span every step from prevention to diagnosis to treatment, including diagnostic imaging, enterprise imaging, endoscopic imaging, surgical imaging, and in-vitro diagnostics. Our extensive portfolio also includes regenerative medicine and life sciences.

Every diagnostic instrument and utility we develop plays a particular role along the care pathway with an eye toward total healthcare. User friendly technologies help increase efficiency and patient throughput. Patient comfort and assurance, as well as helping the flow of medical procedures, are a big part of the general well-being of patients, and our systems are designed particularly with this in mind.

Our commitment to quality – in imaging, in product durability, in the employees hired to serve our customers – sets Fujifilm apart from the rest. With this dedication and commitment, our comprehensive healthcare portfolio touches millions of lives every year. It is the heartbeat in what we do, and we will never stop innovating for a healthier world.

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Fujifilm’s facts and figures

Around the world, this day and tomorrow, millions of people will experience healthcare solutions made more cost effective and efficient by our products and services.

And countless more patients will receive drugs from our laboratories that are designed to improve their outcome.

Fujifilm is entirely focused on the technologies and therapies that will make this possible.

Commitment to healthcare

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation has 310 consolidated subsidiaries worldwide – with 73,275 employees – who all contribute to the output of this dynamic organization, working tirelessly to improve the quality of our collective lives.

With global revenues of $21 billion* overall, our Healthcare business alone generates $5.4 billion**, set to rise as populations prosper and grow, and their expectations for healthy lives increase.

* As of March 31, 2021 at an exchange rate of 106 yen to the U.S. dollar.

** Global Healthcare business revenue include medical devices, pharmaceuticals, contract development and manufacturing, regenerative medicine, cosmetics and supplements. Not all products and services are available in the United States.


Chairman, Representative Director and Board Chairman,
FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation.
President and Chief Executive Officer,
FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation.
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