Small footprint, big performance

FCT iStream


Introducing FCT iStream 128-slice CT system, a streamlined space saving design with big performance. This scanner provides dependable Radiology application capabilities, with available advanced clinical modules for Interventional CT, brain perfusion, and cardiac CTA. Featuring advanced technologies and streamlined workflow, FCT iStream delivers exceptional image quality in a compact and user- and patient- friendly design.

Product Highlights:

  • 128 slice CT, 75cm wide bore, 500 lbs. patient weight table
  • 60 kW, 670 mA, 6 MHU, 0.5s rotation scan time
  • Widest table in the industry for patient comfort

Key Features

Advanced Imaging Technologies: Experience high-resolution, low-dose images at remarkable speeds, meeting the increasing demand for precision imaging in various medical applications.

AI-Enhanced Image Processing: Harness the power of artificial intelligence for enhanced image processing and workflow optimization, promoting diagnostic efficiency while addressing patient volume and dose concerns.

Minimal Siting Requirements: The entire system comprises just three space saving components: gantry, patient table, and operator console. Provides better space utilization and allows for easier upgrades and maintenance.


Streamline your workflow and maximize efficiency with Synergy Drive’s automated tools:

  1. Quick Entry Mode: Initiate a scanogram with just 3 clicks. Simplifies patient registration and protocol selection with an intuitive graphic user interface, reducing setup time and minimizing errors.
  2. One Button Positioning: Convenient one-touch control moves table into position, sets height and stop based on protocol selected.
  3. AutoPose and iTilt Scanogram: AutoPose automates scan range based on scanogram and adjusts to site preferences for optimal image acquisition. iTilt generates previews of tilted images during scan.
  4. High-Speed Image Reconstruction: Benefit from 60 ips, rapid image reconstruction with parallel scanning acquisitions for real-time checking, streamlining workflow and enhanced interpretation.
  5. Parallel Image Transmission: Seamlessly transfers reconstructed images to 3D workstations to help further speed patient care.

Innovations built to last and perform

  • HiMAR Plus improves diagnostic visibility of areas surrounding metal objects using iterative processing to progressively reduce noise and optimize image quality of the object and surrounding areas. It can adapt to the application and/or site preferences.
  • Highly efficient X-ray generation system with high-voltage generator and 6MHU X-ray tube assembly achieves a high output of 60kW (maximum 670mA) with a power supply capacity of 75kVA.
  • High sensitivity detector with MaxiLight technology acquires high resolution, low noise images with low power consumption.

Image Quality and Dose Reduction


Intelli IPV

Fujifilm’s Vision Model iterative processing achieves dose reduction with high image quality, preserving the preferred texture of Filtered Back Projection (FBP) images.*





Intelligent organ-based tube current modulation reduces dose to eyes during the scan, while providing excellent image quality.






IntelliEC Plus

Fujifilm’s exclusive 3D mA modulation adjusts tube current dynamically during the scan in three directions. This provides real-time automated patient specific dose reduction with amazing high image quality and a constant noise standard-deviation.


Advanced Clinical Applications

IntelliEC Cardiac reduces dose using electrocardiogram information.

The FCT iSteams’s advanced optional cardiac package provides automated features to ensure optimal pre-scan protocol selection and post-scan selection of the most informative cardiac phase images for enhanced clinical results and workflow. Available prospective step & shoot and retrospective dose-modulated ECG Gated acquisition ensures high quality study results for a wider range of patients.

CardioHarmony enhances cardiac CT workflow by automatically** simplifying the process of phase selection, detecting and reconstructing cardiac phases with minimal motion.

Dual Energy Scan is an optional function that performs normal scans at two different energy levels. This allows reconstructed images scanned using two energy levels in the same position within the scan range. Image sets are then transferred to a 3D Visualization server (supplied separately) for enhanced visualization, detection and characterization of tissue types, lesions and or contrast agents.

Interventional GuideShot biopsy provides real-time image guidance and visualization tools to assist clinicians in accurately positioning instruments, such as needles or catheters. Physicians can perform biopsy procedures on a patient while observing the CT images on the monitor in the scanner room. This mode is particularly useful for interventional needle guidance during biopsies or targeted injections. GuideShot is a “snap-shot” imaging mode that reduces radiation dose for both the patient and physician compared to higher dose continuous CT Fluoro mode.


Advanced 3D Visualization seamlessly interfaces with a wide range of optional Advanced 3D Visualization Server solutions. Additionally, Fujifilm offers Synapse 3D, our own industry leading vendor-neutral advanced visualization platform with over 50 clinical modules.

Committed Partnership

Seamless Site Planning and Installation

With a smaller gantry/table footprint, the FCT iStream is the ideal choice for replacing your older CT with little or no reconfiguration of room space. You can depend on your Fujifilm site planning expert to be there and guide you every step of the way.

On-site/Off-site Training

Comprehensive on-site applications training with no-charge follow up visits come standard with every warranty and full-service contract.

99% Uptime Guarantee

Expect reliability. Our uptime guarantee ensures your system is running 99% of covered time during every quarter or you receive additional service at no cost.

Sentinel™ Remote Service

Your Fujifilm CT uptime is maximized through our Sentinel 24-hour monitoring and failure analysis system.  Predictive failure reporting through Sentinel Analytics minimizes the impact of inspection and parts replacement cycles on CT system availability.

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* Compared to FBP measured using Intelli IPV intensity level Strong5 and tested with a water phantom. Results may vary depending on clinical task, exam type, patient size and anatomic location.

**Automated selection must be confirmed by the operator and can be adjusted, if necessary.