single detector u-arm digital radiography system

Persona U

Compact x-ray room system for general orthopedic imaging

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Fits anywhere space, budget and power requirements are limited

Persona U is a compact, fully motorized auto-positioning, single detector DR solution that’s easy to use and versatile, allowing you to perform a wide range of exams without sacrificing image quality, dose performance, productivity – or space.

Persona U offers versatile articulations so you can perform general radiographic exams on virtually any body or body part even in the most restricted room size locations.

Touchscreen controls and display are easily accessible at the tube head. Movement controls are conveniently located at the detector side, and a helpful hand-held remote further simplifies fast, precise and safe positioning.

Persona U’s anti-collision system features dual laser and pressure sensors to help ensure patient and user safety.

System includes auto-positioning, system angulation, and a generator console.

Persona U provides freedom to perform virtually every type of radiographic exam, including upright, seated and supine, even knee and skull exams. Its innovative design simplifies positioning workflow, since its x-ray tube and detector are always aligned regardless of tilt position or detector angle.

Tube can also be rotated 180 degrees to accommodate free detector, wheel chair exams and more.

Compatible with FDR ES wireless detectors in standard 14×17,” full field-of-view 17×17,” and our unique 24x30cm size, all featuring Fujifilm’s patented ISS technology and noise reduction circuitry for exceptional image quality and performance at lower dose.

Persona U delivers fast, easy workflow and images display at the FDX Console in as little as 2-7 seconds from exposure.



Auto Positioning
System Angulation
Generator Console
Hand-held remote
Advanced image processing

Pre-programmed exam menu shortcuts are accessible via the tube touchscreen. Simply select a study and the system will move to default position, SID, collimation field and detector rotation.

Digital readout on the u-arm displays arm and detector rotation.

Integrated with the FDX Console technologist workstation by SpeedLink, optimal dose techniques are automatically mapped to site preferences based on exam selected, manual adjustments can be made at the generator console included.

Further simplifies positioning when tube head controls are out of reach.

Dynamic Visualization II (option) optimizes image quality with intelligent 3D feature and exposure data recognition technology. DVII dynamically improves visibility of the entire image, clarifying over and under-penetrated regions, while enhancing and maintaining optimal visibility of the intended region of interest.

Virtual Grid simulation processing software (option) provides high-quality images without a physical grid. Use of Virtual Grid can lower dose up to 50% compared to a grid exam and prevents grid related retakes and imaging artifacts.

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