Portable DR Solutions That Go Beyond Expectations

Fujifilm’s mobile x-ray systems facilitate exceptional care at the patient bedside, in the emergency department, operating rooms, ICU, NICU or wherever general x-ray is needed. Designed for smooth, quiet, speedy travel with the technologist throughout the hospital, Fujifilm’s portables offer exceptional ease-of-use and versatility.

Mobile X-Ray Machines

With our mobile X-ray solutions, we are doing our part to improve patient outcomes by continuing our innovations in X-ray technologies. Since the introduction of our first X-ray films back in 1936, we’ve continued to innovate and produce world leading quality medical imaging systems that excel even in the most demanding environments.

As we continue to add to our portfolio, we are committed to advancing your ability to acquire and process the digital imaging you need to help your patients live a better tomorrow.

How Portable Digital X-Rays Will Enhance Your Care

Mobile X-ray machines continue transforming how healthcare providers treat patients. Instead of transferring patients to a radiology unit, point-of-care X-rays allow you to bring the equipment right to the patient, minimizing discomfort while saving time for both patients and clinicians. This ability makes our imaging solutions especially beneficial for the many critical care bedside uses throughout the hospital, allowing quicker more comfortable x-ray acquisition while still obtaining the x-ray room quality images you need for confident diagnosis.

These systems are designed to simplify mobile imaging with specific features that make them easier to articulate and transport throughout the hospital and position in confined spaces.

Our Mobile X-Ray Machines

Fujifilm offers unique choices in portable digital X-ray systems that will enhance your healthcare facility’s diagnostic confidence and efficiency in patient care. Choose from:


When you need a compact, cost effective, dedicated in department solution, look no further than this mini point-of-care mobile X-ray system. The FDR AQRO compact portable system allows you to easily navigate confined patient rooms and busy halls. With system features like an onboard, full-featured technologist console, high sensitivity detectors and Dynamic Visualization™ II, you’ll obtain high-resolution images at the gentlest patient doses.


The FDR Go PLUS doesn’t skimp on sophistication or features. This full-size portable is compact and quiet yet packed with workflow saving features. With our latest DR detectors, Virtual Grid™ and feature recognition processing, obtaining high image quality at low dose is easier than ever. You’ll also have access to unique features like system movement controls at the tube, front and rear collimation controls and three sets of tube positioning release controls. And of course Fujifilm’s FDR D-EVO III ultra-lightweight, high sensitivity glass-free DR detectors with antibacterial coating..

FDR-flex with FDR D-EVO III

When you want an ultra portable, hand carry-able digital X-ray, consider the FDR-flex with FDR D-EVO III. This versatile system allows you to achieve high-quality digital imaging anywhere you need it with just a detector and laptop. This compact kit lets you acquire images from any x-ray source on demand, without any connections to the exposure device. Use it remotely for disaster response or with any x-ray room or portable in your hospital.


Premature babies often require chest X-rays, too. However, every time a tiny infant is moved, there are risks. Breathing tubes and central lines can be dislodged. With FDR Go, NICU nurses can do the imaging (…)

Adventist Health White Memorial

Los Angeles, CA

East Texas Medical Center (ETMC) has been a Fujifilm customer since 2007 when it converted to CR and FUJIFILM Synapse® PACS. More recently, ETMC has been engaged in converting different areas of the hospital from (…)

East Texas Medical Center

Tyler, TX

At Adventist Health White Memorial, digital radiography that provides high quality images at low dose is a lifesaving tool throughout the hospital. For the most precious patients in the NICU, Fujifilm’s portable, the FDR Go, (…)

Adventist Health White Memorial

Los Angeles, CA

Diagnostic imaging is critical for professional athletes. Given the high level of physicality and potential for serious injuries, portable imaging helps diagnose the severity of injuries on the sidelines so team physicians can determine safest (…)

Washington Commanders

Washington, DC

Why Choose Fujifilm?

Fujifilm offers a comprehensive portfolio whether you are looking for mobile X-ray machines for your intensive care unit or operating room. No matter which of our solutions you choose, you can take advantage of an array of benefits, including our:

  • Industry Leading Imaging Quality Our innovative systems and proprietary technologies make it possible for medical providers to obtain superior image quality, improving diagnostics and treatment. You can trust Fujifilm to provide reliable solutions and caring, knowledgeable staff to support your quest for superior patient care.
  • Top-tier imaging infrastructure: Our mobile X-ray systems feature some of the best image acquisition and processing technologies in the industry. Top-tier imaging infrastructure will better prepare you to make a difference in your patients’ lives now and in the future.
  • Innovation that drives results: Our portfolio is constantly adapting to better meet your changing needs, you can trust that you’ll always have access to the latest and most dependable solutions to enhance your patients’ healthcare journeys.

Ready to Find the Perfect Point of Care X-Ray for Your Facility?

FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation understands the specific challenges your healthcare facility faces daily, which is why we engineer mobile X-ray machines equipped to increase efficiency and quality of care.

When performance and ease of use are your priorities, we have the right solution to help you reach your goals. We invite you to fill out our diagnostic imaging contact form today for more information.

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