Safety and Portability are Key to Imaging Pediatric Patients at Adventist Health White Memorial

Adventist Health White Memorial Los Angeles, CA

Digital X-rays are often a top priority in the diagnosis and treatment of little patients. That’s where Fujifilm’s FDR Go portable digital radiography system plays a key role. FDR Go can be quickly deployed at the bedside, digital images are taken in minutes, and available for reading within 10 minutes.

Premature babies often require chest X-rays, too. However, every time a tiny infant is moved, there are risks. Breathing tubes and central lines can be dislodged. With FDR Go, NICU nurses can do the imaging at the bedside without moving or harming the patient.

“Being able to take those two sided images and get it quickly read, saves time and saves the baby’s life — because time is of the essence.”
– Sara Sarvi, Nurse Supervisor, Adventist Health White Memorial

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