Digital Radiography Systems

FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation is committed to doing our part to improve patient outcomes by providing innovative digital radiography (DR) solutions. Our DR systems span from X-ray detectors to mobile X-ray machines to X-ray suite solutions for clinics and hospitals of all sizes. Healthcare providers can count on us to deliver the digital radiography solutions they need.

DR Imaging Solutions Designed For All Budgets and Facility Sizes

Radiography continues to play a central part in diagnosis and patient care. Fujifilm offers a comprehensive portfolio of DR solutions dedicated to improving image quality while advancing dose-lowering technologies and providing safe healthcare standards for patients. Designed to meet all budgets and facility sizes, our DR portfolio includes the world’s first glass-free DR detector series, long length DR detectors, portable x-ray systems, floor mounted and overhead x-ray and radiography fluoroscopy systems, mobile flouroscopy c-arms and more.

How Digital Radiography Improves Image Quality

Digital radiography has transformed the way medical providers examine, diagnose and treat patients. Thanks to features like faster image acquisition, improved detector sensitivity and intelligent image processing, these advanced digital radiography systems can deliver some of the highest-quality images at the gentlest doses.

DR allows for much faster exams and image processing times, all with significantly lower dose compared to prior radiography technologies. As soon as images are captured and previewed by the technologist, they can instantly transfer to clinicians for faster diagnosis and treatment.

These enhanced capabilities can significantly impact a facility’s overall efficiency, exam volumes and resulting patient experiences.

1. Mobile DR Systems

Our mobile X-ray systems prioritize versatility and ease of use. Whether you are imaging in the NICU, operating room, emergency room or anywhere else in and around the hospital, we have the right mobile DR system for your specific needs:

  • FDR AQRO: The FDR AQRO is a portable mini point-of-care X-ray system is designed for in department accessibility and easy use in confined spaces. With Fujifilm’s high sensitivity DR detectors, Virtual Grid™ and Dynamic Visualization™ II, you’ll achieve amazing image quality and performance day in and day out.
  • FDR Go PLUS: Is one of the smallest and most sophisticated full-size portables available, the FDR Go PLUS will have a big impact on your workflow. This compact mobile X-ray solution provides smooth, quiet operation with a versatile retractable column, that makes it easy to get around and position in confined and busy spaces.
  • FDR-flex with FDR D-EVO III: Whether you use it in a clinic, hospital or remote medical environment, the FDR-flex with FDR D-EVO III seamlessly combines performance and portability. You can achieve high-quality images with just a lightweight detector, laptop and x-ray source, anywhere on demand.

2. Detectors and Long-Length Imaging

Our lineup of DR detectors ranging from our revolutionary highly durable, ultra-lightweight, glass-free, and antibacterial coated detectors to our lightweight long length detectors, bring innovative technologies for premium image quality at gentle dose. Choose from:

  • FDR D-EVO III Detectors: The world’s first glass-free detector, the FDR D-EVO III features a lightweight design, 25-40% lighter and significantly more durable than prior models to provide lasting reliability with enhanced imaging performance.
  • FDR D-EVO III G80i: An amazingly lightweight wireless long length detector that captures 17×32” views in a single exposure for conventional weight bearing and intra-operative surgery applications.
  • FDR D-EVO II Detectors: Lightweight and rugged, the FDR D-EVO II Detector is well suited for demanding healthcare environments, especially for portables and high volume x-ray room retrofit uses.
  • FDR D-EVO GL: Acquires 17×49” long length images in a single exposure. Lowers dose, speeds exams, eliminates motion and stitching retakes for long length imaging.
  • FDR ES Detectors: Experience affordability without sacrificing image quality or dose performance with the FDR ES Detectors. A great solution for mid to low caseload x-ray room retrofits and outpatient settings.

3. DR and RF Rooms

When you need technology that will improve your workflow and enhance your patient experiences, our digital radiography and fluoroscopy suites will deliver exactly what you’ve been looking for. Our suites include:

  • FDR Visionary Suite: Experience exceptional speed and repeatability with features like fully automated positioning, automated long length imaging at table & upright, and advanced applications options for digital energy subtraction & body tomosynthesis.
  • FDR D-EVO Suite II: Fast and flexible operation and workflow, this general radiography suite is built to last and perform for everyday medium to high volume radiology departments, ER and trauma.
  • FDR D-EVO Suite FSx and OTCx: Space saving floor and ceiling mounted x-ray rooms for hospitals, outpatient and imaging centers. Featuring touchscreen tube displays, auto-collimation, auto-tracking and more, with a consistent easy to use and robust design.
  • FDR Clinica X: Full featured cost effective floor and ceiling mounted x-ray rooms with built-in detector charging, rotating trays and stitching capability (OTC only) designed to enhance exam workflow and patient experiences.
  • Persona RF PREMIUM: A multi-use, fluoroscopy and general radiography system with dual-operation controls, remote and/or bedside with unique versatility to improve room utilization and space requirements without compromise.
  • Persona U: This compact system facilitates general orthopedic imaging. Designed to fit any space and offers exceptional image quality, dose performance and productivity.

4. Image Processing and Detector Technologies

With our lineup of advanced imaging applications, image processing and detector technologies, you will achieve the highest-quality images at the gentlest doses, while improving your overall workflow.

  • FDX Console: This technologist workstation will transform your image and exam processing experiences across the entire Fujifilm DR product line. Intuitive and customizable interface with advanced automated shortcuts and image processing simplifies workflow for better patient experiences.
  • Dynamic Visualization™: This automated image processing optimizes image quality for the entire field of view with intelligent feature and patient thickness recognition.
  • Virtual Grid™: Achieve high quality images without a heavy, cumbersome grid.  Improves comfort, simplifies positioning, eliminates retakes and allows as much as 50% lower dose compared to physical grid exams.
  • Digital Tomosynthesis: This advanced application captures and reconstructs three-dimensional views of complex orthopedic hardware, bone and joint structures for better visibility and pre- and postoperative assessments. (available on Visionary Suite)
  • Dual Energy Subtraction: This advanced application intelligently generates separate bone and soft tissue views to remove overlapping layers enhancing visibility of fractures, tumors and vascular details. (available on Visionary Suite)

These applications and processing technologies are further enhanced with exclusive detector technologies:

  • Hydro AG Antimicrobial Coating: This antibacterial nano-coating offers added protection against germs and bacteria on detector surfaces, to help reduce the chances of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).
  • Patented ISS Irradiated Side Sampling: This capture circuitry technology reduces scatter and blur and increases sharpness at ultra-low doses.

5. QC Systems

Fujifilm’s One-Shot Phantom Plus, incorporates extensive routine, advanced automated and visual image quality tests, with an easy to use interface and sophisticated phantom design. Compatible with our digital and computed radiography workstations.

How We Are Helping Support Your Patients’ Health Journey

When you choose our DR systems, you’ll equip your facility with the best imaging infrastructure available. With everything we create, we are committed to continuous refinements of industry leading image processing, which enables clinicians to make confident and prompt diagnoses.

Our portfolio is ever-innovating, yet one thing stands certain — we are continuously focused on delivering premier image quality, reliability and customer service. You’ll have access to industry-leading systems that will set your healthcare facility apart from the rest. No matter what your needs are, we take pride helping you deliver the highest standards in patient care.

Upgrade Your Digital Radiography Room Today

When your goal is to create a healthier world, Fujifilm can help bring your vision to life with our digital radiology systems. Interested in discovering how we can help enhance your operations? Fill out our diagnostic imaging contact form, and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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