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Originally published in Imaging Technology News (ITN)

No athlete goes into practice or game day thinking they will suffer an injury, but injuries do happen. Luckily, when they happen in East Texas, fast access to medical care is possible at many sporting events thanks to CHRISTUS Health’s Mobile Athletic Training Room (MATR) — parked just steps away from the playing field.

Each MATR is a fully stocked sports medicine clinic that travels to athletic venues across East Texas and is active year-round at football games, cross country meets, soccer matches, and other community and sporting events. The MATRs are operated by the athletic trainers at CHRISTUS  Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute.

MATR has state-of-the-art medical equipment to help the CHRISTUS team treat any potential injuries on-site. One piece of equipment that has contributed to the success of the Longview MATR is the implementation of Fujifilm’s FDR AQRO mini mobile digital X-ray system. The system combines the high sensitivity of Fujifilm’s D-EVO II detectors and its refined image processing advancements to generate high-resolution images with low patient dose.

“CHRISTUS Health is known for its great reputation, having MATR equipped with the FDR AQRO has enhanced our ability to offer expedited healthcare across the community,” says Casey Reed, MHA, LAT, OTC, Sports Medicine Coordinator, at CHRISTUS Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute, Longview.

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