Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Healthcare Delivery

The enduring legacy of exceptional product quality and innovation found in Fujifilm healthcare solutions is integral and essential to the dedicated work of thousands of clinicians each and every day, empowering them to deliver high quality patient care at hundreds of hospitals, academic medical centers, independent ambulatory practices, and clinical diagnostic laboratories across the country. From our exceptional imaging quality to advances in artificial intelligence to biomarker discovery, FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas delivers value in innovation that clinicians rely upon to advance patient care and help improve clinical outcomes that impact millions of patient and family lives. 

Central to the healthcare delivery solutions that Fujifilm provides is its comprehensive array of superior radiological and endoscopic imaging technologies. Today’s clinicians and facility administrators fully understand that image quality and clarity can have a direct impact on patient outcomes, and are critical components to ensuring accurate patient assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.  From the exam room to the procedure room and in between, Fujifilm combines its reliable, innovative, and clinically-proven imaging technologies with its technically and clinically knowledgeable people to partner with you and your team to help you see – and treat – the whole patient. 

Beyond the imaging technology itself, you can rely on Fujifilm healthcare technologies to help facilitate care coordination, surgical planning, image storage, data sharing, gain practice efficiencies, and much more.  We invite you to explore our healthcare delivery solutions for: 


Industries We Serve

Clinical Laboratories

Clinical laboratories maintain an important role in today’s healthcare ecosystem. Accuracy and reliability of laboratory tests are required for effective test results for research and clinical use. Fujifilm researches, develops, and manufactures a wide range of products that support medical care for the prevention, early detection, and treatment of diseases, such as an integrated system for test reagents and devices used to aid in the diagnosis of cancers and lifestyle-related diseases.

Fujifilm’s laboratory portfolio serves clinicians and researchers by providing the highest quality and efficient manufacturing for global distribution. This is achieved by an automated production system in compliance with all regulatory standards.

Industries We Serve


Millions of Americans have and continue to bravely serve in the United States Armed Forces. These individuals put their lives on the line each day to ensure our security and freedom. In return, the ability to deliver superior healthcare services to veterans, active military, and their dependents is paramount. FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation is proud to be on contract to serve departments such as Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD).  As they continue to grow, the technologies they rely upon to bring best-in-class care to their patient populations must evolve in tandem.  

Fujifilm is committed to NEVER STOP innovating for a healthier world. As a leader in imaging, informatics, endoscopic, and in-vitro diagnostics, our cutting-edge solutions are strategically designed to meet the evolving needs of healthcare’s government sector. With an extensive track record partnering with government sites and with numerous former service members on staff, Fujifilm understands government’s specialized needs, and will NEVER STOP innovating to best support those who serve. 

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Industries We Serve

Rural Health

At FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation, we understand the unique needs and challenges rural hospitals face. From decreasing outmigration, gaining referrals and attracting new providers to growing service lines, increasing revenue and making capital investments that provide financial, operational and clinical ROI—we are committed to supporting our rural health customers. 

We believe that rural communities should have the best equipment in their hometown. Our customer-first philosophy compels us to make supporting rural health customers the most important thing we do from the first time we meet and continues long after.  

Our extensive portfolio of imaging solutions covers a wide range of patient types, as well as budgets, to allow rural health providers to select what makes the most sense for their hospital and community. 

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Industries We Serve


Nearly 70% of US households have a pet. And many of them consider their pets family – so it’s important to care for them like family. FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation, the inventor of computed radiography (CR) technology, has more experience in optimizing images for display than any other digital x-ray manufacturer in the industry. Therefore, we’re committed to applying our expertise to the needs of veterinary medicine, knowing that veterinary care can benefit from the exceptional image quality, speed, and reliability of digital x-ray. From small animal to large animal, from veterinary practice to zoo, we have a complete offering of CR and DR imaging solutions built with veterinary care in mind.  

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