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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

As pioneers in MR technology, we continue to live up to our reputation and lead the way by delivering high-performance, patient-centric imaging systems, as exemplified by our unique oval-bore and open platforms.

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At Fujifilm, we understand that different healthcare facilities have unique needs and goals, which is why we offer truly open and conventional large-bore MRI machines. Our novel open MRI systems allow patients to undergo the procedures without the tight closed in feeling of a traditional round bore system.

With systems as crucial as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), you need a manufacturer that you can count on to deliver the highest-quality systems so you can help your patients live better tomorrow. At FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation, we’ve been leading innovation and providing cutting-edge technology since 1936.

With all the MRI systems we manufacture, we equip healthcare facilities with the technology they need to deliver the highest level of care. Discover our portfolio that continues to build on our healthcare legacy and improve your patient outcomes.

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Oasis Velocity

With the Oasis Velocity high-field open MRI, patients will experience a spacious wide open patient area like no other, for a more comfortable diagnostic experience. Designed to minimize the claustrophobic feel of a traditional closed MRI, this system offers an unobstructed view of the entire area around the patient. This true open design helps patients experience a higher level of comfort and confidence during their procedure.

Along with making the MRI experience more positive, this system can also significantly impact your facility’s clinical performance. The Oasis Velocity relies on an advanced magnet design and our SynergyDrive workflow, which help ensure the highest-quality images. With this system, healthcare providers can even obtain detailed vasculature imaging without a contrast agent.

The entire exam process is fast and seamless, providing you with the results you need to make confident diagnosis and establish the best course of treatment for your patients.

Echelon Synergy

The Echelon Synergy stands out as a cost-effective and powerful advancement in 1.5T MRI technology, boasting versatile placement options, minimal power and helium usage, swift exam durations, and an enticingly low total cost of ownership. By harnessing Synergy DLR, Fujifilm’s AI-driven Deep Learning Reconstruction, it ensures not only diminished noise but also expedited examinations without compromising on image quality. Noteworthy features include a 50% reduction in scan time compared to its predecessors, a generously wide bore paired with a spacious table for patient comfort, and the incorporation of FlexFit coil technology for patient comfort and clinician satisfaction. Moreover, its streamlined interface fosters enhanced workflow and heightened throughput, while the integration of parallel imaging alongside noise reduction guarantees expedited imaging across diverse anatomical regions such as the body, neuro, and orthopedics.


West Feliciana Hospital’s MRI patients no longer need to fear being claustrophobic thanks to Fujifilm’s large bore Echelon Oval MRI system. Reliable with little downtime, the hospital operates 24/7 and is thankful for the workhorse (…)

West Feliciana Hospital

St. Francisville, LA

Massac Memorial Hospital recently invested in Fujifilm’s Oasis Velocity Open MRI to accommodate claustrophobic patients. Since using this new system, their scan times have been shortened and image quality increased, helping to improve the quality (…)

Massac Memorial Hospital

Metropolis, IL

West Feliciana Hospital is a small and unique Critical Access Hospital that recently purchased two key pieces of imaging equipment from Fujifilm to help provide the best care possible to their community. Hear what they (…)

West Feliciana Hospital

St. Francisville, LA

What Makes Fujifilm the Best Source for Your Next MRI System?

When you choose Fujifilm, you’ll have access to innovative solutions that will support your healthcare needs and goals now and in the future. Whether you’re interested in a conventional bore or our unique true open MRI, we offer some of the best-quality systems you’ll find. What truly sets our products apart is the workstation these systems run on with our renown processing and user workflow technologies.

The result is MRI systems that deliver premier image quality to support your patients’ journeys to recovery with clearer, more insightful and actionable imaging. Our portfolio is constantly innovating, adapting to meet healthcare providers’ needs. With our comprehensive portfolio of MRI systems, we’ll help you find just the right fit for your unique imaging needs.

Looking for the Right MRI System for Your Facility?

No matter what your specific clinical, operational and financial goals are, we’ll help you select the the right MRI solution for your hospital. Whether your goals are to deliver prompt diagnosis, expand your imaging capabilities or gain greater clinical confidence when making treatment decisions, our solutions will make a tangible difference in your patient care.

To find the right solution for your medical facility, fill out our diagnostic imaging contact form to get started.

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