Multi-Use Radiography Fluoroscopy System




Advanced Versatility for Maximum Room Utilization

Introducing next-generation digital RF technology with a highly flexible system design, Persona RF PREMIUM+ is engineered for true multi-purpose workflow and positioning flexibility for interventional and routine radiographic examinations. Fits tight spaces without sacrificing versatility and can accommodate all types of fluoroscopy and general radiography exams including chest and long length exams without the need for an overhead tube and chest stand.

Features include:

  • Single user workstation for fast, easy workflow and automation and on-demand switching between Radiographic, Fluoroscopy and Tabletop Exams
  • Precise, smooth positioning flexibility with 94” of coverage, up to 71” SID and ±90° tilting
  • Automated system orientation and radiographic techniques
  • Optional ceiling mounted tube system and chest stand
  • Single workstation and generator for both primary and secondary x-ray tubes and detectors

One room to fit all

Persona RF PREMIUM+ introduces a smartly designed approach with an extensive range of motion and ease-of-use that sets it apart from traditional radiographic fluoroscopy systems. This unique design enables increased room utilization and fits tight spaces without compromising long-established standards for contrast, image stitching and urologic procedures.

Intuitive control with a single operator console
Dynamic flat panel detector
Continual patient contact
Anatomic Programming

A unified image acquisition and QA workstation allows easy exam processing for continuous or pulsed fluoro, radiographic imaging and image stitching irrespective of system configuration. Powerful APR integration interfaces with joystick table controls for maximum positioning speed and confidence.

17×17″ 140μm high resolution Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) detector for maximum field of view, with exceptional image detail and dose performance.

Tube head touch screen, foot pedals and hand held remote allow easy patient side access to table controls. Microphone at the remote console and collimator camera enable continued communication with the patient, auto centering and positioning verification.

Advanced APR provides automated technique presets mapped to patient age and the anatomic program selected. Powerful image processing automatically optimizes images to maintain consistently high image quality for all procedures and patient sizes.

Seamlessly secure positioning

Routine chest imaging
Sturdy and reliable design
Adaptable positioning techniques
Stretcher based examinations
Unobstructed system access

Chest and automated long length imaging with a full 71” SID*

Built to last and perform, supports up to 584 lbs. patient weight without movement restrictions and up to 716 lbs stationary.

Wide range of motion with 94” of longitudinal coverage to assist in imaging patients with reduced mobility.

Superior positioning adaptability for stretcher-based radiographic exposures without an overhead tube crane.*

Full clinician access to the rear and sides of the system designed to facilitate patient transfer and care.





Expand the possibilities

Accessories & Options


FDR D-EVO III Detectors

Experience seamless integration with Fujifilm’s FDR D-EVO III ultra-lightweight, glass-free detectors for added flexibility in tabletop, stretcher and wall stand exams. Switch instantly between fluoroscopy and free radiographic techniques on a single consistent user interface for uninterrupted workflow and enhanced image management.

Overhead tube crane (option)

Added workflow and positioning flexibility, featuring tube display of exam parameters.

Integrated generator and workstation cabinets

Generator and workstation cabinets are integrated into the back of the system to minimize spacing requirements. The single generator provides power to both the RF table and optional OTC, to allow optimal space utilization for even the smallest room layouts.

Vertical Wall Bucky

Select from a manual tilting or traditional wall stand option for improved flexibility of routine Chest and Extremity exams.

Customer Stories

Patient comfort, shorter testing, and improved efficiency for staff operation have made the Persona RF the perfect fit for Massac Memorial Hospital.

Massac Memorial Hospital

Metropolis, IL
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* Overhead tube crane and wall stand options available for sites that prefer a traditional OTC positioning workflow.