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Fujifilm’s Award-Winning Vendor-Neutral Archive

Fujifilm’s Synapse® Vendor-Neutral Archive (VNA) is consistently ranked the #1 image enablement solution by providers like you. Following the 2015 acquisition of TeraMedica, Fujifilm left the time-tested and industry-trusted vendor neutral archive intact while continuing to invest in the progressive features and functionalities that set the standard for today’s medical imaging sharing platforms.

The award-winning technology, which also serves as the foundation of Fujifilm’s Synapse Enterprise Imaging portfolio, uses cloud-based storage and on-premise hosting to provide access, control, and management of clinical content from across the enterprise. This includes DICOM and non-DICOM objects to ensure the full patient imaging picture is available to those who need it.

Since Fujifilm’s founding in 1936, innovation has been a fundamental and defining element of our organization. The healthcare industry continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace — and so do we. As an award-winning medical imaging management archive, Synapse VNA helps optimize your infrastructure and support optimal clinical decision making.



Discover industry-leading engineering.

Point-of-care image capture

Acquire images and video seamlessly and securely via mobile devices, modalities, and cameras.

Image-lifecycle management

Patented technology optimizes storage utilization and associated costs while keeping data safe.

Encounters-based workflows

Capture content during the patient-provider encounter, link with metadata, and auto-upload to the EHR.

Modern, standards-based API integrations

Support for modern industry standards, including DICOM, DICOMweb, HL7 FHIR, XDS, and RESTful API.


See customers’ experiences.

“Synapse VNA works extremely well. Users click on a link, and a web browser loads the images. The system is quick, easy, painless, and seamless. The product is easy to manage through the admin functionality (…)

Anonymous Analyst/Coordinator

“Our ROI for Synapse VNA will not be monetary. Our ROI is the safety and security of knowing we have proper records and data storage. That is where Synapse VNA will prove itself to us.” (…)
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Anonymous Analyst/Coordinator

“The main outcome that we have seen from the solution is that we now have a centralized storage so that VNA images are discoverable from our EMR. We couldn’t do that before we got this (…)

Anonymous Director

“Pretty much all of our departments are now hooked up to Synapse VNA, and that prevents data or connection loss. Synapse VNA has been rock solid.” – Anonymous Analyst/Coordinator
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Anonymous Analyst/Coordinator

“The integration of the product is really good. We have Synapse VNA integrated with a third-party viewer, our EMR, and several other applications. All of them work really well, and the integration is seamless.” – (…)

Anonymous Director

“Synapse VNA is easy for the IT team to work with, and it is low maintenance. We like the fact that it is straightforward, and it requires low effort to keep it up and running. (…)

Anonymous Analyst/Coordinator

“The fact that Synapse VNA supports non-DICOM objects is a feather in its cap. A lot of the competitors support those objects as well, but not as well as Fujifilm. I don’t think there are (…)

Anonymous Manager

“(Synapse VNA) has been able to achieve everything we have thrown at it. It is part of our long-term strategy to stay on Synapse VNA, and the product will continue to scale well with the (…)


2022 Best in KLAS Report

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Experience true imaging interoperability.

DICOM is only a fraction of the clinical content needed to create a complete patient imaging record. For specialty departments, such as pathology, dermatology, orthopedics, and ophthalmology, non-DICOM content like photos, videos, and reports are also essential.

By powering true imaging interoperability, our award-winning medical imaging management archive seamlessly connects content from across the care continuum to make it easier than ever to see the complete picture of patient health.

In addition to connecting content acquired from specialty departments, the vendor-neutral archive integrates more devices and data than any other VNA. In fact, through Synapse VNA’s Connext Mobile app, clinicians can use their mobile devices for secure image and data capture wherever and whenever needed.

Synapse VNA also eliminates the need for costly data migrations, reduces storage management expenses through its patented image life cycle management technology, and effectively balances data security with workflow efficiency.

Discover image capture automation.

Synapse VNA’s Connext Workflow Solutions were designed for true imaging interoperability. The robust solutions automate the process of capturing content, associating it with the patient record, and making it available to those who need it.

Trust a true image archive.

While the concept of an EHR-based image-capture and storage solution may sound compelling, these applications often lack critical capabilities. Providers need a solution that supports access, control, and management of all clinical content across the enterprise, along with extensive third-party interations and intuitive workflows. Synapse VNA is that solution.


Support encounters-based intelligent workflows with Connext Solutions

Synapse VNA’s Connext Workflow Solutions automate the process of capturing multi-media content, associating it with the patient record, and making it available to those who need it through the electronic health record (EHR) or enterprise viewer.

The Connext Mobile app is an ideal solution for capturing audio and visual content directly at the point-of-care. Available with iOS and Android apps, the award-winning application simplifies mobile data capture and integrates with EHR’s mobile apps for seamless patient content sharing. Connext Mobile organizes the patient worklist and folders for easier comparison, can classify content as sensitive or restricted at the point-of-capture, and enhances security with biometric credentials, encrypted transmission, and deletion of all PHI post-upload.

Watch Connext Mobile’s Worklist Integration


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Fujifilm’s Synapse VNA provides access, content, and management of all clinical content from across the enterprise, regardless of the generating source, file format, or siloed storage system. With extensive imaging interoperability, scalable storage, an analytics-based architecture, and intuitive clinical workflows, the Best in KLAS solution brings the full power of a medical image sharing and management platform to providers across your organization.

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