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We are your partner for this journey, and we work hard to make your job easier. Our service plans help to keep your equipment functioning at peak performance, optimizing uptime and workflow. Fujifilm service contract holders receive special discounts on labor, training, equipment parts, and more. Our customers under contract receive upgrade offers not available to non-contract customers. We help you manage your risk by offering flexible, multitiered service plans to fit your budget and in-house capabilities.

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Fujifilm maintains a support case management portal which allows customers to open and manage support cases. Customers can also obtain an overview of their installed products. The Community portal also provides access to helpful content such as knowledge base articles, Microsoft patching information, and user manuals. There is a simple registration process to obtain your username and secure password for accessing the Community portal website.  For first-time access to the Community portal please contact the Technical Assistance Center.   

After registration, you can access by clicking the button below. 


Product Training Courses

As a Fujifilm customer you have two distinct advantages to help you sustain and even grow your level of expertise and success: industry-leading equipment, and industry-leading instruction. Our courses, in conjunction with our state-of-the-art radiography labs, provide you with the kind of hands-on, instructor-led training that will help you reduce downtime, maintain compliance, and support your facility’s goal to provide exceptional healthcare experiences. You also receive Continuing Education credits. Courses are offered at the Fujifilm office in Lexington, MA.

Product Training Courses

Fujifilm’s Learning Center will effortlessly guide you through our course schedule, take you to an easy registration process, provide you with transcript access (along with the ability to print course certificates), and bring you all the way to simple payment processing utilizing our new e-commerce system. We also provide computer-based training on select products to make training even more convenient. Click on the link to view the latest course offerings.

Need help navigating the portal? Download the users guide.

Training Agreement

Distributor/Customer Service Training Agreement

  • All information (including but not limited to data, know-how, trade secrets, methods and procedures, designs) provided to the Attendee in connection with the service training course, are proprietary to FMSU and / or Fujifilm Photo Film Co., Ltd. (collectively “Fujifilm”).
  • This information shall remain the property of Fujifilm and shall only be used by the Attendee in connection with the operation, service, repair or maintenance of Fujifilm brand medical diagnostic imaging equipment.
  • Attendee understands the proprietary nature of the information and agrees to take every reasonable precaution to protect such information from disclosure to third parties. Attendee will not copy or reproduce any written material provided to Attendee in connection with the service training course.
  • Attendee agrees to indemnify FMSU against any losses incurred by FMSU, including reasonable counsel fees resulting from the breach of any provision of this agreement by Attendee.

  • In the event that the Attendee’s employer’s equipment is sold, destroyed or otherwise disposed of, the above described information shall be returned immediately to FMSU.
  • The Distributor shall comply with all export and re-export restrictions and regulations imposed by the government of the United States and other relevant countries or regions (“Export Restrictions”).
  • The Distributor shall not knowingly transfer, directly or indirectly, any restricted software or technical data received hereunder or the direct product of such data, to any country or region or to those entities or persons listed on the website of Bureau of Industry and Security of U.S. Department of Commerce as Denied Persons List, Unverified List, Entity List, Specially Designated Nationals List and the Debarred List; identified as an embargoed destination or country in the Export Restrictions, unless prior written authorization is obtained from FMSU and each appropriate United States or other government agencies.
  • Attendees will not solicit, or assist in any way in the solicitation of, business from any of FMSU’s or its affiliates’ customers, either for their employers or their own benefit or the benefit of anyone other than FMSU, unless the business being solicited is not competitive with the services or products provided by FMSU or its affiliates.
  • I understand all of the requirements and responsibilities that come with FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation service training and have read the above conditions and cautions on the export control of the United States and by signing below, confirm to follow the instructions.
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Course Confirmation & Cancellation

A confirmation letter will be sent out approximately three weeks prior to the start date of the course. Unless a confirmation letter has been sent to you, your registration is not final. Please inform Fujifilm of any cancellations at least two weeks prior to the start date of the course. Your enrollment fee will be refunded or you may reschedule for an alternate date. Refunds will not be issued in cases of cancellation within the two weeks prior to the start date of the course.



Fujifilm reserves the right to cancel any course two weeks in advance. All schedules and fees are subject to change.

Technical documents

Technical documents can be found by clicking the button below. For a more comprehensive list, please log in to the Customer Support Portal.

Technical documents