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High-quality patient care doesn’t come from a single provider, care team, or service line. It derives from continuous clinical collaboration across departments and throughout the healthcare enterprise. Fujifilm’s Synapse® Enterprise Imaging portfolio was designed on that exact premise.


Experience industry-leading functionalities

Server-based architecture

Provide secure and immediate access to massive datasets that can support your evolving enterprise imaging needs.


Run the full portfolio on Synapse Cloud Services infrastructure or your own dedicated cloud, hardware, or virtualized environment for scalable deployments without vulnerabilities.

Cross-departmental data access

Manage unique imaging needs beyond radiology and cardiology to display widespread DICOM and nonDICOM datasets.

Zero-download PACS viewer

Unify cross-departmental studies on a single diagnostic viewer while eliminating the need to download software to display images.

Specialized diagnostic toolsets

Enhance productivity and efficiency with state-of-the-art clinical tools that meet the needs of even the most advanced end users.

Open AI Platform

Leverage the Synapse AI Platform’s advanced rules engine to bring your preferred Fujifilm and third-party algorithms directly within the Synapse PACS workflow.


Enable true enterprise imaging

Fujifilm’s innovative Synapse Enterprise Imaging portfolio breaks down the barriers between technologies and teams across your organization to empower real-time, cross-departmental collaboration – because when you can see the whole patient, you can treat the whole patient.



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See customers’ experience

“During the bulk of the implementation process, we really felt the strength of Fujifilm in terms of support and their ability to quickly respond to our concerns and requests, as well as concerns and requests (…)
Dr. Sean Pierce, Radiologist at Hackensack University Medical Center

Dr. Sean D. Pierce, Radiologist

Hackensack University Medical Center
“Seeing enhancement requests put into a future version of their system is proof that Fujifilm does listen to their customers.” – Linda Klimek, B.S. RT (R), RCC, RIS Coordinator, Washington Health System
Linda Klimek, B.S. RT (R), RCC RIS Coordinator for the Washington Health System

Linda Klimek, B.S. RT (R), RCC, RIS Coordinator

Washington Health System
“Fujifilm knew what they were talking about. There is a lot of specialization here. Our physicians were interested in the add-ons, tools and features they like to use and Fujifilm broadened our ability to do (…)

Andrew Dick, Applications Development Director

Arkansas Children's Hospital
“I’ve been very impressed with the Fujifilm team in terms of capabilities, knowledge and willingness to interact and really engage with our radiologists. Our relationship with Fujifilm is a partnership that continues, and one that (…)
Dr. Sean Pierce, Radiologist at Hackensack University Medical Center

Dr. Sean D. Pierce, Radiologist

Hackensack University Medical Center
“It all boils down to the ability to easily support one application and having trust in that vendor. By partnering with Fujifilm and combining all of our data, our organization was able to achieve significant (…)
Lee Kupczynski, Enterprise PACS Administrator at North Memorial Health

Lee Kupczynski, Enterprise PACS Administrator

North Memorial Health

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