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Artificial Intelligence Platform

Unprecedented artificial intelligence imaging insights

Fujifilm’s Synapse® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Orchestrator helps evoke a new tier of clinical confidence for providers like you. The open, imaging workflow orchestrator uses an advanced rules engine to seamlessly bring preferred imaging algorithms directly to Synapse Enterprise PACS workflows. Synapse AI Orchestrator supports efficient clinical workflows by aggregating data from multiple algorithms into a single cloud-based or local instance.


Prioritization of studies based on findings from your choice of more than 50 currently validated algorithms

Workflow Optimization

Optimization of workflow through worklist triage, findings preview, and automated report population


Notification enablement providing critical results to physicians for faster intervention

Image Recognition

Accurate recognition and extraction of organ regions, regardless of shape deviations and image conditions


Discover Fujifilm’s AI Orchestrator for Healthcare Facilities

As part of Fujifilm’s global AI initiative, REiLI, the Synapse AI Orchestrator is laying the foundation for the future of imaging interpretation.


Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Detection

As one of the largest private imaging practices in the United States, University Radiology Group implemented Fujifilm’s Synapse AI Orchestrator across all its 37 medical facilities to bring those latest advancements in AI detection and workflow efficiency to its mammographers. Because the software’s open architecture seamlessly integrates with Fujifilm’s Enterprise PACS, the AI platform brings those revolutionary diagnostic insights directly within the user’s workflow, helping to personalize workflow, enhance clinical efficiency, and improve diagnostic confidence.


Implement Scalable, Enterprise-wide AI

Designed for true AI interoperability, Synapse AI Orchestrator allows healthcare IT staff to deploy and maintain a multitude of AI applications for clinical workflows across the enterprise.



Optimize your AI environment with supporting Synapse software.

Enterprise PACS
3D Advanced Visualization
Pathology PACS

Enterprise PACS

Fujifilm’s Synapse Enterprise PACS provides clinicians with unrestricted cross-departmental image access, designated tool sets, advanced visualization applications, and AI-driven workflows through one unified, cloud-enabled diagnostic viewer, while simultaneously alleviating IT resource constraints and overhead.

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3D Advanced Visualization

Native within Synapse Radiology PACS and Cardiology PACS, AI-ready Synapse 3D performs state-of-the-art image analyses via cloud-based and on-premise hosting that assist with interpretation, reporting, and treatment planning, while supporting clinical collaboration across the enterprise.

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Pathology PACS

Fujifilm’s vendor-agnostic Pathology PACS solution Synapse® Pathology, features an open, cloud-accessible architecture that allows customers to select the instruments, AI tools, and systems required for their own pathology workflows.

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