Mammography Center of Monterey Case Study

Small yet mighty mammography center becomes a 3D leader

Facing challenges from an aging equipment and lack of cutting edge technology, the Mammography Center of Monterey decided to introduce the first digital mammography system with DBT to its region.

The staff and patients of the Mammography Center of Monterey soon realized the benefits of the ASPIRE Cristalle mammography system which includes superior diagnostic confidence with DBT, noticeably improved patient satisfaction due to the comfort paddles that gently adapt to curves, and reduced radiation dose.

“First of all, they all call their paddles comfortable. I’ve been through them all, and nothing has ever really been comfortable, but the Fujifilm Comfort Paddle was like a soft pillow. I couldn’t believe it. I thought maybe it wasn’t compressing, but it was. The experience was unreal.”

— Mary Lou Catania, RN, President and Founder of The Mammography Center of Monterey

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