Customer Highlight: Nashville General Hospital Mammography

The Mammography Department Nashville General Hospital

Nashville General Hospital recently decided to upgrade their mammography system to 3D. After a thorough assessment of vendors and a comprehensive evaluation of the advantages they offer, the hospital settled on Fujifilm’s ASPIRE Cristalle 3D mammography system with stereotactic biopsy capabilities. The decision was driven not only by its exceptional user-friendliness for both technologists and patients but also by the high level of satisfaction expressed by their physicist and department director. From the initial installation through training and ongoing utilization, the ASPIRE Cristalle has proven to be an indispensable asset, effectively managing their caseload and enabling the hospital to consistently deliver top-tier care to their diverse patient base.

“We are so thrilled to have the Fujifilm ASPIRE Cristalle here at Nashville General Hospital! We are excited to have new state of the art 3D technology that is so user friendly and produces such excellent images. Our physicist praises the quality of the 2D and 3D images. Not only are our technologists happy with our new Cristalle, but our patients continually comment about how they feel less discomfort during their exam, and they love the aesthetically feminine look of the unit itself.”

The Mammography Department