We are focused on responding to the emerging needs of our customers and the communities they serve. Technologists have specific needs when assessing a new DR solution. Explore our product pages to see how Fujifilm digital radiography equipment can work for you.

Steadfast support for your demanding workload

Fujifilm knows that success for technologists in busy healthcare environments requires versatile equipment that's easy to use, trouble-free and lasts. Our digital x-ray equipment is built to perform and simplify the busiest of technologists' workloads.

FDR D-EVO II wireless detectors are built for the real world of hospital imaging. Lightweight and durable, the smooth surfaces and tapered edges simplify positioning for the technologist and help increase patient comfort. FDR D-EVO II is built to last with a unique magnesium alloy casing, making it one of the lightest* and strongest** detectors currently available. Also featuring an IPX-6 moisture resistance rating, and a patent pending antibacterial coating. Inside, these detectors feature improved circuitry and patented Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology, designed to produce exceptional image quality at ultra-low dose levels.

The FDX Console technologist workstation features intuitive icons, automated image processing and a simplified 3-step workflow that makes it easy and fast to perform exams. And you can even integrate DR and CR images within the same exam with the same new advanced image quality.

Fujifilm DR Portables give you plenty of options when you're on the go.

  • The FDR Go PLUS is our latest generation fully integrated digital mobile system. A complete x-ray room on wheels, featuring a compact design with big performance and many technologist-designed features that help simplify portable exams.
  • The compact, wireless FDR-flex system creates a new class of portable x-ray in a hand carry-able design, allowing you to take digital x-ray to any analog mobile unit or x-ray room instantly, without any wires to connect. An optional mounting kit is available for GE AMX 4 and 4+ and Shimadzu Mobile Art analog portables.

Fujifilm DR allows you to use the latest, most innovative digital imaging solutions with speed and ease, producing outstanding images at the optimal dose and helping you provide patients with faster exams, and faster diagnosis and treatment.

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*14x17 currently the lightest FPD with replaceable battery, 5.7lbs.
**14x17 currently highest 352 lbs. point load & 683 lbs. distributed load resistance.