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3D digital mammography satisfies patients and boosts breast practice


Tiffany Breast Care Center, an established Ohio practice, began getting patient inquiries about the superior capabilities of 3D mammography. Word-of-mouth demand led the center to replace two computed radiography (CR) rooms with one room dedicated to Fujifilm’s ASPIRE Cristalle digital mammography system with digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT). Exceptional image quality, ease of use and unique patient comfort features made ASPIRE Cristalle the winning choice. Since the installation, the practice saw an increase in volume of around 350 patients over six months and anticipates increased revenues from 3D billings.

“The image quality is excellent, the technology is very easy to use, and the patients really like the speed as well as the comfort. They like that they can get in and out in just a few minutes… [The ASPIRE Cristalle with DBT] makes me more confident as a radiologist. I’m confident that I’m providing the best diagnostic capabilities and the best technology people in this area can get.” -– Dean R. Ball, D.O., Founder, Tiffany Breast Care Center

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