Curated for the needs of physicians conducting complex endoluminal surgery cases, Fujifilm’s 700 Series of gastroscopes and colonoscopes are thoughtfully selected and specifically designed to help you achieve optimal visualization. With features to address challenging anatomy, scope stabilization, and visualization of microvascular architecture, these flexible Fujifilm endoscopes offer you the versatility in range needed to perform endoluminal procedures.

Fujifilm 760 Series endoscopes offer a variety of options, such as advanced force transmission, adaptive bending, CMOS noiseless digital signal transmission, optical multi-zoom, and close focus optics.

The state-of-the-art G7 scope handle grip design on Fujifilm’s 700 Series endoscopes is intended to minimize stress and enable intuitive operation. In addition, we partner closely with you to ensure settings are customized to your preference and the buttons are configured to your liking, to help optimize performance and provide more control during endoluminal procedures.

Model Description Application/Benefit in Endoluminal Surgery
EI-740D/S Dual Channel Gastroscope/Sigmoidoscope 
  • Compatible with Apollo Overstitch™ and optimized for use in endoscopic suturing
  • Compatible with TRACMOTION for Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD)
  • 210° up angulation enables complex therapy in retroflexion
  • Dual channels of 3.7 mm & 3.2 mm accommodate a range of devices; with suction capability even while devices are in use
EG-760Z Zoom Gastroscope
  • Optical Magnification up to 135×*
  • For ease of characterization and margin delineation of lesions prior to resection, providing a highly detailed view of microvascular architecture
  • Enables visualization of blood flow and RBCs
EC-760Z-V/L Zoom Colonoscope
EC-760ZP-V/L Zoom Slim Colonoscope
EC-740T/L Ultra-Slim Colonoscope
  • SmartBend technology and 210° up angulation for ESD in challenging anatomy
G-EYE® 760 Series ** Balloon Colonoscopes
  • Integrated balloon may aid in stabilization during advanced resection
* when used with a 19″ LCD monitor
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