Healthcare IT

Fujifilm’s comprehensive suite of IT products provides radiologists and technologists with tools they need to access the holistic imaging record and improve patient care. Our enterprise imaging solutions reduce retakes, streamline communication with real-time collaboration features, and safeguard protected health information with a server-based image rendering architecture.

Pediatric Healthcare IT solutions

Healthcare IT Products


Synapse PACS

Synapse® 5 PACS

Synapse 5 PACS provides automated study, image notifications, and advanced communication tools that enhance collaboration and improve care for your smallest patients.

  • Access the child’s holistic imaging record across the health network with an intuitive, configurable, seamless global worklist
  • Take advantage of flexible worklists that can be custom-made for pediatric workflow
  • Safeguard protected health information (PHI) with server-based image-rendering architecture




Synapse VNA

Synapse VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive)

Synapse VNA offers best-in-class storage protection and advanced lifecycle-management tools that allow physicians to save time and reference pediatric cases quickly and securely.

  • Capture, organize, and manage data to safeguard images from the most delicate and sensitive clinical cases
  • Streamline patient workflow and reduce errors by capturing all the clinical data at the point of service through clinical connectors that leverage the patient's EHR information
  • Promote system-wide storage of all clinical data in the secure data center with easy-to-use VNA tools




Synapse 3D

Synapse 3D

Synapse 3D enables providers to perform a comprehensive analysis of pediatric cases from any reading station, regardless of location.

  • Seamlessly launch Synapse 3D from any reading station to interrogate difficult cases using a comprehensive set of tools
  • Utilize 3D snapshot workflow to generate automatic processed data that's ready to launch from PACS for full interaction
  • Securely access and share Synapse 3D snapshots of any clinical application with referring physicians, surgeons, and patients using desktop and tablet devices



Synapse Cardiovascular

Synapse CV

Synapse Cardiovascular is at the heart of your cardiology department, providing imaging review, measurement analysis, advanced reporting, and growing with your patients from fetal to adult congenital scans.

  • Review ultrasound images and cardiac measurements, including Pediatric and Fetal Z-scores, to evaluate and diagnose congenital heart disease
  • Maintain persistent history and risk factors for the mother and baby to provide more accurate patient details
  • Protect data with U.S. Department of Defense (DIACAP)-certified security



Synapse Mobility Enterprise Viewer

Synapse Mobility Enterprise Viewer

Synapse Mobility Enterprise Viewer facilitates real-time collaboration among physicians, parents, and specialists with built-in tools that enable pediatric care decisions to be made quickly.

  • Present the entire imaging record securely through the EHR with a single enterprise viewer
  • Access all the clinical data in the EHR, as well as the images, with one click
  • Adhere to the most stringent security standards with an enterprise viewer granted Authority to Operate (ATO) on networks in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)



Specialized Pediatric Presentation

  • Improve patient care with automated study and image notifications, acquiring only the images needed and helping to reduce retakes.
  • Empower radiologists and technologists to save time through simultaneous, real-time image collaboration and chat.
  • Utilize interruption workflows to enable auto saving of exams and snapshot features and easily create and access interesting case collections.
  • Access the child’s holistic imaging record across the health network with a seamless global worklist.
  • Develop the design and enable surgeons to plan pre-operatively—long before the child's procedure.



Trusted Pediatric Protection

  • Facilitate real-time image collaboration with physicians, parents, and specialists.
  • Present the entire imaging record securely through the EHR with a single enterprise viewer.
  • Anonymize and segregate sensitive data for specific storage requirements.
  • Secure all patient images and information centrally in the data center.