Customer Highlight: Sharp Grossmont

Kimberly Koshiol, R.T. (R) Sharp Grossmont Hospital

“Working with the FDR Cross has been very user friendly to the staff as well as the patients. Patients walk into the room and are blown away by the technology of the FDR Cross being a C-arm as well as a portable x-ray machine, and even more excited that we’re the first in the U.S. to have one. The ease of switching between the fluoroscopy and x-rays is as quick as a click of a button. It has been a huge upgrade from our prior mini C-arm. It has helped our workflow by being able to do more variety of exams thanks to the 17×17 image plate.  Now we are able to image long bones, such as humerus, tibfib and femurs. Most patients don’t even need to get out of their chair or wheelchair for their exams with the easy maneuvering and steering of the FDR Cross. Our physicians have been satisfied with the overall product as well as the image quality.”

-Kimberly Koshiol, R.T. (R), Lead Radiologic Technologist,  Sharp Grossmont Hospital Outpatient Imaging Center