Customer Highlight: Nashville General Hospital CT

Nashville General Hospital Nashville, TN

Nashville General Hospital Provides the Best CT Technology for their Patients — with Confidence

Nashville General Hospital is an essential hospital, but they are determined to invest in CT technology that enables them to compete with larger facilities on a technology scale. With a goal to provide the fastest, most productive method of obtaining a diagnosis with the best image quality possible and low dose capabilities, Nashville General Hospital turned to Fujifilm’s Scenaria View CT Scanner. Fujifilm’s training support further cemented this strong partnership. 

Our training started way before we even got the Scenaria View. Our training started months prior with Fuji calling us, wanting to know our protocols, how we operated. We felt half trained before the machine even got to our facility. When Fuji showed up, all of our protocols were logged, loaded onto the computer. Everything was turned on and it was ours.”

Kevin Courville, RT (R)(CT), Lead CT Technologist