Fujifilm offers exceptional ultrasonic and direct visualization imaging and capabilities in both its 500 Series and 700 Series endoscopic  ultrasound scope options. These innovative EUS imaging scopes offer your practice versatility and efficiency in performance across a full array of diagnostic and therapeutic applications, and add efficiency to procedural utilization to aid both your practice and your patients.

EUS Scopes

FUJIFILM EG-740UT Curved Linear EUS Scope

High performance transducer technology. The EG-740UT EUS Scope, when utilized in combination with the FUJIFILM Arietta 850 EUS Processor, provides an unmatched level of image clarity at full tissue depth, and is an ideal technology to address the complex clinical needs of large academic medical centers for use as a premium diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound solution for the upper digestive tract.

Select EG-740UT Features

  • Large 4.0mm working channel
  • Optimized material elasticity to facilitate Advanced Force Transmission
  • A short bending radius to facilitate access precision of the targeted area
  • Optimized forward-viewing visualization
  • Ultra-wide scanning angle
  • Fujifilm G-Lock elevator locking mechanism
Endoscopic Functions
Viewing direction 40°
Observation range 3-100 mm
Field of view 140°
Distal end ø 14.5 mm
Insertion tube ø 12.6 mm
Bending capability


150 / 100

100 / 11

Working length 1,250 mm
Overall length 1,550 mm
Working channel 4.0 mm
Ultrasonic Functions
Scanning method electronic curved linear array scan
Scanning angle 180°
Fujifilm compatible balloon BS-102

FUJIFILM EG-580UT Curved Linear EUS Scope

Easy access to targeted areas. The Fujifilm EG-580UT offers a wide puncture range to enable FNA and FNB for a variety of positions to achieve broader accessibility to the pancreas or liver.  With its optimized distal bending section, you can adjust your trajectory to access lesions or targets, from biopsy to stent deployment.

 Select EG-580UT Features 

  • 40° forward oblique viewing angle designed to enhance tissue visualization and improve therapeutic flow
  • Powerful bending capability combined with a short rigid section supports manipulation in duodenum and stomach
  • Elevator locking assist designed to enable flexible and subtle endoscopic operations during therapeutic procedures and supports stable puncture trajectory

FUJIFILM EG-580UR Radial EUS Scope

Save time, costs, and enhance patient care. The Fujifilm EG-580UR empowers you to perform complete diagnostic exams and complete radial EUS staging exams all with the same scope, mitigating the need for scope exchange and second scope reprocessing.

Select EG-580UR Features

  • 0° forward viewing angle for ease of advancement and instrument deployment
  • 190° bending capability enables retroflexion in the stomach and duodenum
  • 11.4mm distal tip outer diameter facilitates ease of scope insertion
  • 2.8mm working channel with exceptional suction power
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