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Discover Fujifilm’s cutting-edge orthopedic imaging portfolio, featuring state-of-the-art digital radiography detectors, rooms, portables, fluoroscopic c-arms, MRI and CT systems, all designed to streamline workflow and enhance your patient care. Our portfolio of solutions can help reduce your procedure times while delivering exceptional imaging with comfort, speed and ease.

Product highlight
Product highlight

The newest portable imaging innovation from Fujifilm, the FDR Cross, is a hybrid C-arm and portable x-ray solution in one, designed to speed and simplify image-guided procedures.

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Thought Leadership

Medical Imaging Modalities: Tackling the Growing Demands of Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons deserve access to the best technologies that empower them to quickly diagnose, treat, and manage patients. Fast, easy imaging during procedures helps enhance accuracy and shorten procedure times, resulting in better patient experiences. And a streamlined workflow typically results in a more efficient and fulfilled physician. This positive cycle begins with the right diagnostic imaging equipment.

A recent article in Orthopedic Design and Technology explores the importance of having the right diagnostic imaging equipment to help tackle the growing demands of orthopedic surgery.


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