MyChoice Service Plans

Fujifilm's MyChoice® Service Solutions give you the freedom to customize your services and solutions. You decide the level and type of coverage that best fits your needs. We believe that all our customers deserve to make these choices because, to us, quality shouldn't be limited to our products. We strive to provide service excellence to ensure that you are getting the best and most cost-effective support for your equipment.

Because Quality Matters

When you choose Fujifilm to be your partner, you can rest assured that you'll be supplied with certified OEM parts, something not guaranteed when using a third-party provider. And no one knows Fujifilm equipment better than our certified, trained engineers—the only people who would ever be involved in assisting you, whether it's on-site or on the phone. Most of our service plans include Active Line Remote Monitoring, enabling our Technical Assistance Center technicians to remotely monitor your Fujifilm equipment to ensure optimal system performance and minimal downtime. Plus, with Fujifilm, you have options on everything from the choice of individual plans to add-on services and much more.

Once you select the service agreement that best suits your needs, a Fujifilm Service sales specialist will sit down with you to carefully go over all of your options. When finished, you will have a customized service plan laid out by you for all the Fujifilm equipment you want to cover—all in one contract.

Where to begin?

Your first choice is to decide which agreement suits you best. Fujifilm offers three main agreements:

Our full-service agreement includes several impressive standard features, such as remote assistance via our exclusive Active Line Monitoring service, deep discounts on IPs and cassettes, plus a list of optional services to add on, including after-hours service such as preventive maintenance in the evening hours.

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Perfect for bio-med organizations that have the internal manpower to take on many of their own service needs. There are three different partnership agreements, so no matter what your facility's capabilities, Fujifilm offers the flexibility to find the right fit.

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Specifically designed for customers whose main goal is to maintain compliance for their imaging equipment, especially those who must maintain standards with the Joint Commission.

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DR Flat Panel Drop Protection

In the days of film-based imaging, cassettes functioned as film/screen holders with no glass plates or sensitive electronics. They took a beating but were relatively inexpensive to replace. But with today's advanced digital imaging technology, what was a film cassette is now a highly precise digital detector housing advanced electronics, an essential component of today's imaging chain. If a detector is damaged, the financial exposure warrants the need for protection. A compromised flat panel detector can result in a nonfunctioning or artifact-producing component in your imaging chain.

Accidents can and will happen. That’s why we offer two levels of protection to keep you and your Fujifilm D-EVO flat panel detectors protected: our No-Fault Protection Plan that comes standard with our top-tier Comprehensive Service Agreements and covers damage of any type, and our Drop Only and Pooled Drop Only Plans that cover damage to panels due strictly to drops.

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Active Line Monitoring

Active Line remotely monitors and assesses Fujifilm products and systems at customer sites on a continuous basis. This enables our support staff to diagnose and resolve technical issues often before they even become apparent to you.

Active Line Remote Services delivers:

  • Continuous device and system monitoring
  • Automated alerts for scheduling maintenance and other events
  • Less downtime
  • Optimized system performance
  • Increased utilization

Secure and firewall friendly, Active Line Remote Services requires no changes to IT security policies or infrastructure. With remote diagnostics, our Customer Support Center will most likely be able to pinpoint the scope of the problem and the details involved in resolving it.

Active Line is complimentary for products under warranty and with most service agreements.

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