How Fujifilm’s Synapse Pathology Is Transforming the Diagnostic Experience at WVU Medicine

AUTHOR: William Lacy, Senior Vice President, Medical Informatics, FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation

Earlier this year, FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation expanded its portfolio with the introduction of Synapse® Pathology, its robust digital pathology PACS solution. Pathology is the last analog medical science to transition to digital, as countless other medical specialties have done in recent years. Every day, pathologists review over 500,000 cases in the U.S. alone, and play a critical role in patient outcomes. The Synapse Pathology PACS platform is a culmination of Fujifilm’s deep experience with digitizing other ‘ologies,’ including radiology and cardiology. This unique experience that developed over several decades helped lead to the creation of Fujifilm’s new digital pathology and AI-ready platform.  Synapse Pathology enables pathologists to quickly digitize their workflows with modern, 21st century tools that enable them to provide more rapid and accurate diagnoses.

I had the opportunity to cover pathology’s digital transformation with Imaging Technology News (ITN) alongside our VP of Pathology, Mark Lloyd, and our longstanding partner, Chuck Barkey, AVP of West Virginia University Medicine (WVU Medicine).

Catch the conversation here to learn about:

  • The value of digitizing pathology and its impact on patients
  • The importance of vendor / health system partnership for expanding enterprise imaging
  • WVU Medicine’s success with Synapse Pathology
  • What’s next for WVU Medicine’s enterprise imaging journey

It’s important to see medical imaging as an eco-system. Providing pathologists with tools that easily connect to critical medical imaging systems like enterprise PACS, vendor-neutral archives, and enterprise viewers gives them the ability to communicate their findings more quickly with the countless other specialists that they collaborate with.

Interested in learning more about Fujifilm’s Synapse Pathology? Check out our product brochure and schedule a conversation with one of our pathology experts.