Enterprise Imaging Technical Support


Technical Assistance Center

All technical support requests for Fujifilm’s Synapse suite of products should be routed through our Technical Assistance Center (TAC). The Technical Assistance Center is staffed 24/7 with dedicated technical support engineers who are fully trained on the family of Fujifilm products.

Our goal is to identify, correct, and close all issues on a first-contact, same-day basis.

Contacting the Technical Assistance Center

When you contact the Technical Assistance Center, your assigned technical support engineer (TSE) will verify your company’s maintenance contract information and begin to work with you on your support case. Please make note of the support case number provided to you for future reference.


How to place a service request by phone:

All service requests, particularly those requiring immediate attention, should be placed through Fujifilm’s 24/7 Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at (800) 272-8465 or 1-888-FUJIMED.  For international requests or U.S. backup technical support, please call (203) 602-3580.

  • For optimal problem resolution, please have the following information ready:
    • Your personal name, company name, and contact information.
    • Serial number of unit(s) in need of service.
    • A detailed description of the activity performed immediately before the issue began.
    • All error codes, messages, or on-screen events that happened during or immediately after the problem occurred.
How to place a service request via Synapse Community:

When placing a support request in the Community Portal, please include a detailed description of the steps and activities performed immediately before the issue occurred. The “Upload File” option should be used to supply locally-saved screen shots of all error codes, messages, and on-screen events that presented during or immediately after the reported problem.

You can access Synapse Community at https://fujimedprod.force.com/.

Expert Training

Support Staff Certifications

Fujifilm consistently invests in the technical skills of its support engineers and staff to provide you with the highest quality service and support. Certifications held by our support professionals include: VMWare Certified Professional, Oracle Certified Professional, and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

We continue to gauge our progress in sustaining excellence through third-party benchmarking organizations such as KLAS Research and MD Buyline.