Synapse Enterprise Imaging Training

Professional courses

Synapse System Administration Training (SSAT)

Fujifilm offers a variety of professional training courses for Synapse Radiology and Cardiology PACS, VNA, EIS and 3D Advanced Visualization. Designed for Synapse system administrators and technical support staff, these multi-day, in-depth courses aim to improve attendees’ understanding of the various end-user workflows available through our software. Course content is tailored based on the attendee’s current software version, product knowledge and preferred learning environment. 

Online Resources

Synapse Marketing Community

Synapse Community provides our enterprise imaging customers with the latest product documentation, training content, upgrade information and more for Synapse Radiology PACS, Cardiology PACS, VNA, and EIS/RIS. Community members also have access to our new group forums, which allow existing customers to ask questions, share experiences, and discuss mutual topics of interest to best support one another’s Synapse success.


Virtual training

Synapse Learning Cloud 360 (SLC360)

Customer training can come with a number of challenges, from logistics and time commitments to high costs and low return-on-investment. Fujifilm’s virtual training program SLC360 aims to alleviate those roadblocks for our Synapse Radiology PACS customers. The virtual training program uniquely pairs autonomous learning with expert coaching support to help each individual achieve their training goals in a means that works best for them.



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