Implementation Training


Maximum performance and efficiency. Minimum disruption.

Fujifilm’s Integration Services are key to incorporating all that Fujifilm equipment and systems have to offer.

Our integration specialists are involved from installation planning to the final integrated component. But more importantly, they are given the task of meeting your expectations. How do they do that? By talking with you and understanding exactly what your expectations are. We discuss and explore everything from project timing and site readiness to configuration reviews, modality and RIS/HIS issues, and even shipping logistics. Our purpose is to anticipate everything. And when the installation is done, we’re not. There’s testing, there’s customization, there’s the first clinical use and go-live. What does all this mean to you? It means a smooth installation and receiving commitments in writing, including project schedules, plans and meeting reports, test protocols, analysis reports, and system design documentation.

“Synapse is pretty intuitive. When we bring new physicians onto the system, trainers [work] with them while they are using it, and it takes only a case or two for physicians to [learn] how to use the system.” – Physician July 2017 Feedback captured through KLAS


Our systems and equipment are the best tools available to help you maximize efficiency. But they are only tools. The most significant element in business process reengineering is your people. Good news: We’re expert at teaching them. Because to achieve the full efficiency and productivity that workflow automation tools offer, your people will want to know more than what button to press. They’ll want to commit to a whole new way of working.

Our imaging specialists are in charge of everything from optimizing image quality to maximizing system efficiency during a digital transformation. Our digital solutions advisors analyze workflow issues and develop solutions to reduce radiology cycle times. And our on-site team conducts in-depth training sessions for your physicians, technologists, and support personnel to truly make it all happen. We also provide ASRT- to ARRT-accredited courses and programs through our Learning Institute in Stamford, Connecticut.

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On-Call Imaging Specialists

The breadth of knowledge of our Professional Services team distinguishes us in the digital X-ray and PACS industry. Our team’s experience and the wealth of information they share allow your technicians to operate FCR and Synapse products to their fullest utility and optimize image quality. No other team in the industry has more experience transitioning facilities from analog to digital.

An on-call imaging specialist is always available to answer image-quality questions. Easy access to imaging specialists for troubleshooting, configuration change recommendations, and remote viewing of images is only an email away. Contact an on-call imaging specialist by submitting our request form.