Synapse Enterprise Imaging Implementations


Synapse Implementations

Fujifilm’s Integration Services team plays a key role in incorporating all that Fujifilm’s Enterprise Imaging solutions have to offer.

Our integration specialists are involved in the entire process — from installation planning to the final integrated component. Our dedicated team of specialists will discuss every detail with you, from project timing and site readiness to configuration reviews, modality, RIS/HIS issues, and shipping logistics. When the installation is done, we focus on system testing, customization, first clinical use, and finally go-live. To help provide you as smooth an installation experience as possible, we will provide you written commitments that outline project schedules, plans and meeting reports, test protocols, analysis reports, system design documentation, and more.

To contact the Integration Services team, please call the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at (800) 272-8465.


Real-world success

“During the bulk of the implementation process, we really felt the strength of Fujifilm in terms of support and their ability to quickly respond to our concerns and requests, as well as concerns and requests (…)
Dr. Sean Pierce, Radiologist at Hackensack University Medical Center

Dr. Sean D. Pierce, Radiologist

Hackensack University Medical Center