Installation Services

The Fujifilm Medical Site Planning website provides you and your project teams the necessary site planning information to help with the design and successful implementation of Fujifilm Medical equipment and associated peripherals. Typical layouts of the equipment are available in both PDF and DWG formats for your convenience.

The installation process starts with the Installation Project Manager (ISPM) putting everybody on the same page in terms of administrative procedures, including the timely setting of expectations and definitions of responsibilities and timelines. The ISPM outlines the process so you can anticipate and execute the installation more smoothly while working in tandem with the facilities team. Fujifilm Medical ISPMs will work with you, your contractor, and architect to ensure your final installation will meet all electrical and environmental requirements as well as go through a final construction and installation checklist.

Preferred Room Layouts

Our typical drawing packages depict:

  • Preferred room sizes
  • Equipment placement and configuration
  • General sizes, weights, electrical, mechanical, and environmental room requirements

Product Manuals

FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation (FMSU) takes great effort at ensuring the pre-installation manuals on this page are current and conform to the applicable requirements. FMSU makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied with respect to the drawings on this page. Also, FMSU or their agents will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting (from any matter) from the use of the drawings. These drawings are provided with the understanding by providing such documents, does not alter any of the terms and conditions of said sale between FMSU and their customer.

The customer is responsible for the complete and accurate incorporation of all specifications and requirements from these reference drawings to your architect of record for use of site preparation. Sufficiency of final site plans and specifications, specifically including but not limited to the accuracy of dimensions (based on information provided), shall be the sole responsibility of the customer.

The downloadable files are available in PDF format or DWG(CAD) format.


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