Synapse Education Center

Synapse System Administration Training (SSAT)

Fujifilm offers a variety of training courses that are uniquely designed for Synapse® Radiology PACS, Cardiology PACS, VNA, and EIS system administrators and technical support staff. These multi-day courses aim to enhance understanding of various end-user workflows, and are tailored to the software release version, trainee experience level, and preferred learning environment. To learn more about Fujifilm’s SSAT courses, click the links below:

Synapse Marketing Communities

The Synapse Marketing Communities provide the latest documentation, content, and communications for Synapse Radiology PACS, Cardiology PACS, VNA, and EIS customers, all through one comprehensive, centralized online portal. Members can explore current and previous Synapse release information, version-specific end-user instructional videos, upcoming events, recorded webinars, Community groups, and more

Customer Training

Synapse Learning Cloud 360 (SLC360)

Customer training sessions often come with a number of challenges, including logistics, time, and cost. Fujifilm’s virtual training program SLC360 is the solution to these pain points. Using proven learning methods that support product adoption and sustainment, SLC360 uniquely pairs autonomous learning with coaching support to help ensure organizational proficiency and success with Synapse PACS. Whether an enterprise needs to improve the Synapse-related skill set of its employees or accomplish Synapse-specific learning objectives prior to go-live, SLC360 is the complete solution to help organizations achieve their training goals.

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