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Artificial Intelligence Platform

Unprecedented medical insights powered by artificial intelligence

Fujifilm’s Synapse® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Orchestrator helps evoke a new tier of clinical confidence for providers just like you. The open, server-side platform uses an advanced rules engine to seamlessly bring the user’s preferred Fujifilm and 3rd party imaging algorithms directly within the Synapse PACS workflow and avoids the need to connect multiple modalities or manage additional applications at the workstation.  The robust system also supports cloud-based and on-premise initiatives to help enhance data security, optimize infrastructure, and reduce underlying costs. 


Prioritization of studies based on findings

Workflow Optimization

Optimization of workflow through automated report population


Automated notifications to care teams on critical results

Image Recognition

Accurate recognition and extraction of organ regions, regardless of shape deviations and image conditions


Discover Fujifilm’s AI Orchestrator for Healthcare Facilities

As part of Fujifilm’s global AI initiative, REiLI, the Synapse AI Orchestrator is laying the foundation for the future of imaging interpretation.


Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Detection

As one of the largest private imaging practices in the United States, University Radiology Group implemented Fujifilm’s Synapse AI Orchestrator across all of its 37 medical facilities to bring those latest advancements in AI detection and workflow efficiency to its mammographers. Because the software’s open architecture seamlessly integrates with Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS, the AI platform brings those revolutionary diagnostic insights directly within the user’s workflow, helping to personalize workflow, enhance clinical efficiency, and improve diagnostic confidence.


Optimize your AI environment with supporting Synapse software.

Radiology PACS
Cardiology PACS
3D Advanced Visualization

Radiology PACS

Fujifilm’s focus on helping providers utilize artificial intelligence to improve clinical confidence is readily apparent in its Synapse PACS solution. The system’s open, server-side technology powers an advanced rules engine to seamlessly bring your preferred Fujifilm and 3rd party imaging artificial intelligence algorithms directly within the Synapse PACS workflow, helping to prioritize studies, optimize workflow, and evoke a new tier of clinical confidence for providers like you.

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Cardiology PACS

The industry leading Cardiology PACS platform features a secure, server-side technology that brings artificial intelligence algorithms directly into the workflow.  Synapse Cardiology PACS provides vendor-neutral modality integrations, unified study views and comparisons, EMR synchronization, automated advanced reporting, and more.

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3D Advanced Visualization

Native within Synapse Radiology PACS and Cardiology PACS, AI-ready Synapse 3D performs state-of-the-art image analyses via cloud-based and on-premise hosting that assist with interpretation, reporting, and treatment planning, while supporting clinical collaboration across the enterprise.

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