Synapse 3D Oncology

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Synapse® Abdominal Perfusion (CT) analyzes the blood flow of abdominal organs, including the pancreas, over time. Tissue blood volume (TBV), tissue blood flow (TBF), mean transit time (MTT), and time to peak (TTP) are calculated.

Synapse® Breast Analysis (MR) analyzes tumors in the breast and generates a BI-RADS report. Tools include kinetic curves for wash-in and wash-out and subtraction of pre- and post-contrast. Measurements include distance from the nipple, distance from the skin, distance from the chest wall, and tumor volume. Color overlays can be shown as difference, initial phase enhancement, delayed phase enhancement, and fast wash-out.

Synapse® Nuclear Medicine Viewer fuses CT and nuclear medicine (SPECT or PET) images to visualize anatomical and functional data. PET-CT SUV evaluation allows thresholding and comparison analysis for up to 10 studies.

Synapse® Oncology Viewer identifies and tracks temporal changes in solid tumors using PERCIST, RECIST, WHO, mRECIST, or Choi evaluation criteria.

Synapse® Prostate Viewer (MR) analyzes prostate gland tumors. The app enables diameter and volume measurements of the prostate gland and its lesions. Viewing tools include comparative observation of multiple series, T2, ADC, DWI, DCE, and time-intensity curves. Observation and acquired measurements can be used to generate a PI-RADS report.

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