Synapse 3D Gastroenterology

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Synapse® Colon Analysis (CT) is used to detect polyps, masses, cancers, and other lesions in the colon via 3D flythrough or 2D review.

Synapse® Endoscopic Simulator is used for laparoscopic surgery simulation. The app segments vessels, skin, bone, pancreas, spleen, and tumor. It also simulates inflation of the abdomen, port placement, and positioning. The simulator can perform virtual resection of organs with pertinent volumes.

Synapse® IVIM (MR) uses diffusion-weighted images to provide quantitative data from tissue microcapillary perfusion. The app automatically displays an ADC map, eADC map, D map, D* map, and f map. ROIs can be selectively placed over areas of disease to generate results.

Synapse® Liver Analysis (CT/MR) extracts the liver and nearby vessel regions from contrast-enhanced CT and MR images and displays the results as a combined 3D mask for preoperative analysis. Hepatectomy simulation is also featured. Use Couinaud segmentation on CT images to partition the liver into eight sections for embolization planning.

Synapse® Liver Analysis (MR) is for liver function evaluation. The software displays MR multiphase contrast-enhanced images and reference images. Results are calculated and presented for liver and spleen regions.

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