Standard Double Balloon Endoscope

Superior image quality utilizing Super CCD in close focus for detailed diagnoses.

The Fujifilm EN-580T Double Balloon Endoscope enables access for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the small intestine. Featuring a large working channel of 3.2 mm and close focus capability, precise and efficient examinations and treatments are now possible with our double balloon endoscopy solutions.

Super CCD with Close Focus

Super CCD technology in the EN-580T double balloon endoscope ensures vivid and high quality images, while the close-focus optics enhance the possibility of obtaining more detailed images, allowing the compilation of a wide range of data necessary for diagnosis. Used in combination with FICE, the EN-580T enables easier differentiation between lesion-affected and non-affected areas.

Large Instrument Channel for Efficient Treatment

The 3.2 mm diameter working channel of the EN-580T double balloon endoscope suits various double balloon procedures like hemostasis and balloon dilation, providing greater suction performance than conventional models. The large working channel allows an easier insertion and removal of the balloon catheter before and after dilatation of structures.


Model EN-580T
Scope Type Double Balloon Enteroscope
Approach Antegrade
Field of View 140°
Viewing Angle 0° (Forward)
Observation Range 2-100mm
Distal End Diameter 9.4mm
Flexible Diameter 9.3mm
Working Length 2,000mm
Bending capability 180° / 180°, 160° / 160°
Forceps entry position 7 o’clock
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