ELUXEO® Surgical System Peripherals

Surgical System Peripherals from Fujifilm

In addition to a full array of camera heads, flexible scopesrigid scopes, processors, light sources, and wireless imaging system options, the ELUXEO® Surgical System offers additional accessories to enable you to address all your endo-surgical needs.

The reliable Fujifilm FM134 CO2 50L‑Insufflator is engineered to deliver a flow of up to 50 liters of CO2 per minute, features a pressure range of 1‑30 mmHg, and operates at a frequency of 50‑60Hz.

Ideal for use during minimally invasive diagnostic and/or therapeutic endoscopic procedures, the FM134 features three additional modes engineered to support bariatric, pediatric, and vessel harvesting patients. These modes are indicated to fill and distend a peritoneal cavity with gas during laparoscopic procedures. In pediatric or vessel harvesting mode, the insufflator optimally controls according to different anatomical requirements.

The Fujifilm FM134 also boasts an intuitive color touchscreen designed for ease of use, and features a pressure relief system and integrated fluid sensor. A connector for standard insufflation tube sets, and disposable and autoclavable tube sets are also available.


Bariatric Mode to support thicker and heavier skin

  • Higher driving pressure
  • Flow rates up to 50 l/min

Pediatric Mode for neonatals and infants

  • Insufflation control adapted to the special environment
  • Fine flow adjustment
  • Integrated gas heating

Vessel Harvesting Mode to support EVH instruments

  • Adapted insufflation control for elongated space around vessel

System Flexibility

  • Different tube sets – reusable and disposable – are available to maximize the system flexibility

Additional Features

  • Controlled gas heating with integrated gas heater to prevent hypothermia and to reduce post-operative pain well as to prevent endoscope fogging

Useful Presets

  • Preconfigured settings for fast and reliable operation
  • Default settings can be adjusted in the user menu and aligned to the surgeons needs
  • Clear and intuitive touch-screen interface designed to enhance user experience

Brilliant Visualization with Radiance® Ultra Monitors

The Radiance® Ultra Series of monitors offered by Fujifilm leads the industry with a unique combination of advanced display technology capabilities and features to support your drive to improve visualization, workflow efficiency, and lower operating costs.  Choose from a range of Radiance Ultra and other monitor options to suit your practice preferences.

Fujifilm offers video recorder and printer options designed to meet the growing demand for greater capacity, flexibility, and reliability in a variety of clinical environments.  With extensive connection options suitable for storing and sharing HD video from endoscopic, laparoscopic, and other compatible surgical imaging systems, Fujifilm video recorders offer color display in standard, 2D, and 3D options.

Proprietary dye-sublimation printer technology from Fujifilm delivers durable, high-quality photographic images in a durable, compact design at an affordable cost.

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