EUS Processors

The field of endoscopy is advancing more rapidly than ever, driven by changes in patient population needs and physician demand to perform advanced EUS procedures as new technologies become available and techniques are honed and shared. Fujifilm is at the forefront of delivering innovative technologies that empower endoscopists to become more proficient and efficient in utilizing EUS to confidently conduct non-invasive diagnosis and treatments for a growing number of GI conditions.

Leveraging the powerful image clarity of the ELUXEO® Endoscopic Imaging System, Fujfilm delivers an exceptional direct visualization experience in combination with our industry-leading, high quality ultrasonic imaging solutions — enabling versatility for diagnosis and treatment that helps you meet your practice needs.

SU-1 Platinum EUS Processor

The SU-1 Platinum EUS Processor is a user-friendly, compact, fully compatible EUS processor that can be easily incorporated into the ELUXEO® Endoscopic Imaging System tower for space saving convenience and reliable image clarity. The flat keyboard of the SU-1 is also easy to clean, and offers both touchpad and trackball options.

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