ELUXEO® 700 Series Gastroscopes

Fujifilm’s full line of 700 Series Gastroscopes combines unparalleled visualization capability with exceptional maneuverability and control to streamline access and facilitate detection, enabling physicians to address a full range of gastrointestinal conditions.

Fujifilm’s full line of Gastroscopes includes:

  • EG-760R Routine Gastroscope
  • EG-760CT Multi-purpose Treatment Gastroscope
  • EG-760Z Zoom Gastroscope
  • EG-740N Ultra Slim Gastroscope
  • EI-740D/S Dual Channel endoscope*

From the therapeutic EG-760CT gastroscope providing superior therapeutic accessibility with an integrated forward water jet port and ample suction flow, to the ultra slim EG-740N gastroscope with a 5.8mm distal tip diameter and an impressive 2.4mm working channel, the ELUXEO 700 Series Gastroscopes offer maximum performance with advanced force transmission and reliable retroflexion, all in a lightweight design for treatment in both routine and complex cases across a wide variety of anatomy.

And all Fujifilm 700 Series Gastroscopes are powered by ELUXEO® Endoscopic Imaging System LED Multi-Light technology, offering brilliant image clarity in White Light, as well as LCI® and BLI imaging modes.

* The Fujifilm EI-740D/S Dual Channel Scope is the first dual channel scope FDA-cleared for use in both upper and lower GI applications.


Gastroscope Model Description Field of View Distal End Diameter Flexible Diameter Instrument Channel Diameter Bending U/D/L/R Observation Range
EG-760R Routine Gastroscope 140º 9.2mm 9.3mm 2.8mm 210º / 90º /
100º / 100º
2 ~ 100mm
EG-760CT Multi-purpose Treatment
140º 10.5mm 10.8mm 3.8mm 210º / 90º /
100º / 100º
2 ~ 100mm
EG-760Z Zoom Gastroscope Normal:
Close: 56º
9.9mm 9.8mm 2.8mm 210º / 90º /
100º / 100º
1.5 ~ 100mm
Normal: 3~100mm
Close: 1.5~2.5mm
EG-740N Ultra-Slim Gastroscope 140º 5.8mm 5.9mm 2.4mm 210º / 90º /
100º / 100º
3 ~ 100mm
Dual Channel Colonoscope
EI-740D/S Dual Channel
140º 12.8mm 12.8mm 3.7/3.2mm 210º / 90º /
100º / 100º
3 ~ 100mm


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