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Recognized for our outstanding image quality, outstanding system reliability, and intuitive use of cutting edge technology, Fujifilm Healthcare remains the standard in the field of urology.

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Fujifilm continues to listen to the experts, our urologists, by designing an ultrasound system specifically tailored for urology procedures.

Guidance is the fundamental purpose for all of our ultrasound technology. Fujifilm is committed to designing tools that help urologists navigate the human body and provide the necessary information to immediately make critical clinical decisions.

With the ARIETTA 65 the new vision for urology ultrasound is here.

Dedicated Ultrasound Solutions for Urologists

For precise urology ultrasound imaging, the ARIETTA 65 includes:

Advanced and unique probes

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Urology Probes

Designed by urologists… For urologists


The ARIETTA 65 has many advanced and unique probes that fully cover the expanding range of urology procedures that benefit from ultrasound guidance.


Bi-Plane Prostate Transducer

  • Convex / Linear
  • 8 – 4 / 10 – 5 MHz
  • 10 / 64 mm
  • 200° FOV

End-Fire Transducer

  • Convex
  • 10 – 2 MHz
  • 10mm Radius
  • 200º FOV

Simultaneous Bi-Plane Transducer

  • Convex / Linear
  • 8 – 4 / 8 – 4 MHz
  • 10 / 10 mm
  • 120° FOV

Abdominal Imaging and Biopsy Transducer

  • Convex
  • 5 – 1 MHz
  • 50 mm Radius
  • 75° FOV

Intercostal and Biopsy Transducer

  • Convex
  • 6 – 1 MHz
  • 20 mm Radius
  • 75º FOV

50mm Linear Array Transducer

  • Linear
  • 13 – 5 MHz
  • 50 mm Width

High Frequency Linear Array Transducer

  • Linear
  • 18 – 5 MHz
  • 38 mm Width

System Features

Designed to provide maximum simplicity, user efficiency, and portability. From its compact footprint to its intuitive, time-saving user interface, the ARIETTA 65 was engineered for the increasing workloads of today’s busy urology environments.

Arietta 65 Ergonomics
Rotating Operator Console
360° Articulating Monitor Arm
Streamlined Operating Console
Adjustable Panel Height

Arietta 65 Ergonomics

The importance of ergonomically designed ultrasound systems cannot be understated. The Arietta 65 was designed to minimize repetitive stress while maximizing flexibility across facility.

Rotating Operator Console

Swivel the console for more comfortable operation, so that the switch layout matches the angle of your arm.

360° Articulating Monitor Arm

Optimize viewing angle and distance by repositioning the monitor to facilitate examinations in a variety of clinical settings.

Streamlined Operating Console

Designed to facilitate routine examinations, the ARIETTA 65’s operating console does not just simply reduce the number of physical keys. Button placement is optimized to prevent unnecessary, complicated, or accidental keystrokes.

Adjustable Panel Height

Raise or lower the console to ease physical impact and scan in the style that best suits your workflow.

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